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Mouse Clothes

While it’s fun and increasingly more popular to dress up cats and dogs in outfits. It’s not going to happen with mice. Mouse clothes do exist, and some of the mouse clothing looks really cute and fun. But in my opinion, and I’m sure in the opinion

Ferplast Krolik Rodent Cage 140 Plus Review

I recently purchased this Ferplast Krolik Rodent Cage 140 Plus for a couple of my mice and I am more than impressed. I have had Ferplast products before and they are always good quality, so no surprises here that I’m really happy with this cage. Having a

AquarLine San Marino Small Rodent Cage Review

When it comes to choosing a cage you need to weigh up your options. This cage is great for energetic little rodents, with tunnels for them to race around in and investigate. A couple of mice, gerbils, or degus will be very happy in this cage. It’s

Little Friends Mice Rodent 100cm Cage Review

At this price most people looking for a quality cage will pass over it. Sure if you spend a few hundred pounds you can get a really large cage that’s well built and finished. But this Little Friends cage is deceptively good value, it’s very well constructed

Pet Mice Accessories

One of the most fun parts of owning any pet is buying toys and accessories. I touched on a couple of the basics here, but lets take a good look at some interesting pet mice accessories you can buy. How Many Pet Mice Accessories Do You Want?

Mice Cages: Types and Preferences

An overview of housing options for your mice has been covered here. I covered some of the best mice cages, houses, and glass tanks available to purchase. In this article I am going to go into some more detail and take a detailed look at all the