Mouse Clothes

Mouse Clothes

While it’s fun and increasingly more popular to dress up cats and dogs in outfits. It’s not going to happen with mice. Mouse clothes do exist, and some of the mouse clothing looks really cute and fun. But in my opinion, and I’m sure in the opinion of most mice owners it’s not fair to try and put them in clothes.

Some people do put their mice and other small rodents in clothes though and there is a website that sells clothes for mice. So I thought I would take a look at what’s out there and leave it up to you to decide

Some small mice clothes are cute for using on little toy mice and such like of course. You don’t always have to use the items on real live mice, I’m fully aware of that.

Mouse Clothing for Sale

The website I found that sells clothes for mice is Here you can find not just wearable items but other handmade functional items. Like hammocks, which are really cool, Different types of agility equipment and toys for cages, and other items applicable to small pets.

They make items for all kinds of small animals. All of the items are handmade by the website owner, so if you want something specific I’m sure by sending an email you can arrange something. It’s funny how they say that the products have been animal-tested – in a good way!

Why Mouse Clothes

Like I have already said. I don’t agree with putting items of clothing on mice in principle. I have heard that rats are a lot more accepting, but I don’t keep rats so I’m not completely sure.

Doing a bit of research into this topic I see that a lot of people just using items for one-off photo opportunities, This can be fun and if you’re working on a project I’m sure there will not be too much stress on the mice.

But always put the safety of the mouse, or mice as your first concern. Never do anything to prolong the amount of stress or discomfort of your pets. Mice can be trained to do several things from an early age. But wearing clothes isn’t going to be one of them I’m sure.

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