If you want to create a comfortable and fun living space for your mice, you will need to pick up some mice accessories. Feeding bowls, water bottles, homes, exercise toys, anything to make their living space more fun for them. Obviously you need something to put their food and water in. In addition I would suggest at least one house to sleep in, one exercise wheel for play and a couple of obstacles.

Classic Deluxe Mouse Water Bottle 75ml

Mice Accessories water bottle

Mice need fresh water, and like all pets in captivity they need you to provide it. This is an example of one of the smallest and least expensive water bottles available. Make sure you have somewhere and somehow to attach it to the inside of their home.




Living World Exercise Ball, Small, 12 cm

Mice Accessories exercise ball

An exercise ball is a fun way to help your mouse get exercise. You can keep your mouse safe and out of trouble while cleaning out their living space, or just put them in and watch them run around.

Make sure it is securely closed, don’t want a mouse escaping!

 Natural Wooden Luka House for Mice

Mice Accessories Wooden HouseMice love having houses within their living space. They will usually carry paper or shavings inside to make a warm bedding area.

This wooden one from Luka will be more durable than most and survive being gnawed on for a long time.

Make your own Free Mice Accessories

You don’t always need to spend money to make mice accessories that they can enjoy. Be sure to always make sure whatever you put in with them is not toxic in any way. Some popular items that will provide them with hours of entertainment:

  • Toilet Roll Tubes – fun for running through, hiding and chewing.
  • Kitchen Roll – tear it into strips, put in and watch them carry it around and make bedding.
  • Small Cardboard Boxes – watch the mice make homes, beds and chew on them.

Any more suggestions or ideas please leave a comment and I will add onto the list, thanks.