AquarLine San Marino Small Rodent Cage Review

When it comes to choosing a cage you need to weigh up your options. This cage is great for energetic little rodents, with tunnels for them to race around in and investigate. A couple of mice, gerbils, or degus will be very happy in this cage. It’s certainly large enough for two.

AquarLine are known for making products that are a little quirky and interesting. This cage is a perfect example of this, being bring in color, fun in design, and a little unique.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifics in this AquarLine San Marino Small Rodent Cage Review and see if it’s the perfect match for you and your beloved pets.

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Specifications and Features

AquarLine San Marino Small Rodent Cage ReviewThis cage is easy to set and piece together. Everything slots together nicely and is fairly obvious where to connect everything. It’s actually quite for kids to build, and the bright colors make it more interesting than your regular cage.

The parts are all plastic, and the bars are thin metal bars. So your rodents are going to be safe inside and will not be able to escape. There are plenty of hiding places however, so when you’re trying to get your hands on the rodents they may be hiding.

What I like about this cage is how it comes prepared with all the pieces to provide a complete home for your mice. There is an upper floor area, a removable bedroom, an exercise wheel, a ladder leading up to a play area, a water bottle and food dish, and the tubes to run around in.

They do advertise it as an ‘easy-clean’ structure, but it can be a little more time consuming of course. It is easy to pull bits apart to get inside them, so that’s a bonus. Everything unclips and pulls apart by hand, so it’s easy to transport and change when needed.

The good news is, this cage comes with a decent set of accessories. Included in the purchase are the following:

– Plastic feeding pots.
– Two platforms and ladders.
– Water bottle.
– Carry handle for transporting.
– Tunnels to play in.
– Exercise wheel.
– Plastic house.

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill rodent cage. All the tubes and tunnels make this a lot more fun. Your pets can literally run outside of the cage, through tunnels and back in. The multi-color look is pretty cool too, it’s a modern and fun design.

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Dimensions – 45cm x 30cm x 45cm


  • Fun design and gives your pets a lot to explore.
  • Comes complete with the accessories you need to get started.
  • A lot of cage for an affordable price.


  • Some customers have complaints of cracking, but under normal use should be fine.
  • Tricky to clean all those tunnels.

AquarLine San Marino Small Rodent Cage

AquarLine San Marino Small Rodent Cage Review Summary

This is a fun cage for small rodents like hamsters. The tubes and tunnels give them plenty of mental stimulation, exercise, and provides a fun way to interact with your pets.

The quality is ok. Some owners do complain of cracking as its thin plastic. But if you handle with the appropriate care there shouldn’t be any problems. It’s reasonably priced, so you can’t fault it for the price you’re paying.


Is this cage suitable for small hamsters?

Yes, the bars have very small gaps in-between for the purpose of holding small rodents. So hamsters, degus and mice are all perfectly suited.

Is this cage large enough for two large fancy rats?

Not really, it’s a little on the small size for fancy rats and two will be pushing it to the point of uncomfortable and unhealthy.

Is it easy to set this cage up straight from the box?

Yes. It only takes a few minutes to put all the pieces together, it’s not difficult.

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