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Do Mice Like Cold Rooms?

Do mice like cold rooms? Can you get rid of mice in your home by turning off the heating? Do you have a problem with mice coming into your home and are looking for a solution? I’ve heard a lot of people say that making it too

Do Mice Grow into Rats? (Nope!)

If you saw a rodent scurrying across the floor you may not have had time to get a good enough look to know if it’s a mouse or a rat. Even if you did, you might not be able to tell the difference – after all, mice

Can Mice Climb Metal? (Sometimes!)

Are you concerned about mice getting to places where you don’t want them? Are you wondering, can mice climb metal structures? Mice are incredibly agile and great at climbing. They rely on their claws for grip though, so they can’t climb smooth surfaces like a smooth sheet

Do Mice Eat Soap? (Facts & Video)

Looking for ways to either attract or deter mice? A lot of people think mice like to eat soap, I’ve literally heard people saying this for as long as I can remember. So, in this article, I’m taking an investigative look at: Do mice eat soap? What

I Found a Baby Mouse What Should I Do

If you find a baby mouse that has been orphaned it will need attention quickly. You will only have a few hours to provide some care and ensure the baby mouse is going to survive. But don’t panic, there is a lot you can do and staying

Pet Mouse Health Problems

Pet mice, or fancy mice as you may call them, are pretty healthy animals generally speaking. Most owners will never come across any pet mouse health problems, and there won’t be expensive trips to the vets. A couple of huge pro points when it comes to choosing

When Do Mice Mate

Mice can breed quickly and in large numbers. Whether it is mice in captivity being bred, or wild mice breeding. When do mice mate in captivity is in your control. As a responsible owner of mice you should separate the males and females unless you are trying