Ferplast Krolik Rodent Cage 140 Plus Review

I recently purchased this Ferplast Krolik Rodent Cage 140 Plus for a couple of my mice and I am more than impressed. I have had Ferplast products before and they are always good quality, so no surprises here that I’m really happy with this cage.

Having a large cage with secure bars is very important when keeping pet mice. Mice will either chew their way out, or squeeze through he bars if they are not secure enough. No worries with this cage, it’s locked up tight.

In this article I’m going to look at everything about this cage. If you have any further questions however, please drop me a comment and I will be happy to answer.

Ferplast Krolik Rodent Cage 140 Plus Description
Ferplast Krolik Rodent Cage 140 Plus Description

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This cage is pretty big. It measures in at 142cm x 60cm x 50cm and weighs 12kg. They list this as a rodent cage, but it’s large enough for rabbits and other larger animals for sure. The wire bars are very secure, you won’t have to worry about any escape attempts.

As with all Ferplast products they have built it to be customization with other items and products they manufacture. You can buy and attach extra shelves, accessories and such.

The roof opening pretty big too which is always a huge plus for me when choosing a cage. You can get in and out easily and take your animals out without hurting them. It locks shut with a pretty big hook too.

The interesting part was that this product came completely flat pack. It was surprising how it all attached together and made this super-stable construction. Really impressive!

Ferplast Krolik 140 Box Contents

In the box you get instructions to make sure you know exactly how to build the cage, and all the following items:

  • Cage parts
  • Plastic bowl
  • Plastic feeding tray
  • Plastic animal house with steps
  • Drinking bottle

Ferplast Cage Shelf Parts

You can pick up extra shelf parts like this one and add them to the cage. It’s always fun to change the shelves around and keep the environment interesting for your pets.

Ferplast Cage Tubes

How about picking up some cage tubes and customizing the layout and adding tunnels for your mice to run around in and explore.

Ferplast Cage Accessories

Adding accessories to rodent cages is fun. It makes their living space more interesting and helps keep them mentally sharp. There are loads of different accessories you can use. You can check some out on Amazon via the link and see what you want to add to your own cage.

Ferplast Krolik 140 Plus Dimensions

The dimensions of the cage is 142cm x 60cm x 50cm and it weighs 12kg. It’s easily large enough for two mice with a comfortable amount of space. Rats, gerbils, even an indoor rabbit can comfortably live in this cage.


  • Inexpensive and good quality
  • Large enough for all rodents to be comfortable
  • Comes complete with all the accessories you need to get started
  • Plenty more customization accessories

Ferplast Krolik Rodent Cage 140 Plus Summary

If you’re in the market for a new cage I recommend checking out this one from Ferplast. I can’t fault it in any way, if’s going to be the new home for your rodents for some time and they will be perfectly happy.

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