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Do Mice Fart? (Interesting but Gross Question Answered)

Do mice fart? It’s an interesting question, even if a little bit gross. And the answer is – Yes, mice do pass wind. Since we’re talking bodily functions in mice…mice can’t throw up or burp, which is why certain foods, fizzy drinks, and so on can cause

Do Mice Vomit? (Surprisingly Not!)

Do mice vomit? Can mice even burp? These are actually interesting questions, even if the topic is a little gross. And valid questions too, because the answer isn’t what most people think. The answer is – No – mice cannot vomit. This means they can’t be sick,

Do Mice Have Thumbs? (A Look at How Their Claws Work)

Do mice have thumbs? Mice are great at climbing, holding food, and use their claws to do a number of things. Yet, interestingly, mice to do not have opposable thumbs. Mice are so good at climbing because they have good strength for their body weight, sharp claws,

Do Mice Hate Bleach? (Looking for a Cheap Repellent?)

Finding signs of mice in your home is always a worrying prospect. But, don’t fret, it’s not that hard to deter mice from coming into your home and cleaning up every trace they’ve ever been there. Ignore all the fancy solutions sold online. The best product to

Do Mice Live in Trees? (Some Do!)

Want to know, do mice live in trees or make nests in trees? Some species mice do live in trees. The dormouse and deer mice, for example, are two species of mice that are very good at climbing, making nests up high in the trees, and can

Do Mice Pee? (I Explain Everything About Mouse Pee!)

Do mice pee? It might seem like a silly question with an obvious answer, but this is something I get asked from time-to-time to be honest. I guess I’m used to mice and pets in general, so maybe I’ve forgotten how foreign and different pets can be

Facts about Mice: 10 Interesting Mice Facts

Mice are intriguing animals to many people, yet remain a bit of a mystery unless they have owned some. That’s why I decided to compile some interesting facts about mice for this article. Whether you have owned, or want to own mice, or maybe have had wild