When it comes to feeding your pet mice the easiest and least expensive way is to buy a pre-packed mix. If you choose the correct food for your mice you can get a good balance of nutrients and stay healthy and happy.

Below I review all the top selling and rated mice food products available on Amazon.

Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Mouse 350 g

Feeding - Supreme Petfoods Science Selective Mouse 350 gMake feeding time easy with Supreme Science Selective Mouse Food. Supreme Science brings a unique baked diet formulated specifically to meet the nutritional requirements of mice. This food mix for mice is a carefully and scientifically chosen blend of quality ingredients, including a mix of cereals. This also provides the benefits of whole grain goodness that your mice will enjoy.

Amongst the ingredients are hazelnuts, which are an excellent source of protein and aid in maintaining good health. Also, apple which is a great source of natural antioxidants. Formulated without the inclusion of artificial colourants or sugars, Supreme Science Selective mouse food will help ensure long term health and vitality for your pets.

Beaphar XtraVital Mouse Food 500g

Feeding - Beaphar XtraVital Mouse Food 500g

When it comes to feeding your mice the best food on the market, Beaphar Xtra Vital Mouse Food is amongst the premium brands. Supplied in a gas-flushed re-sealable packet for maximum freshness, a bulky 500g comes in at good value.

XtraVital for mice contains a variety of minerals and vitamins to meet the nutritional requirements of a mouse for optimum health. Plant extracts from Echinacea are added, which are thought to be beneficial in boosting a mouse’s natural resistance to disease. A small amount of turkey is added in the formula, as mice in the wild eat animal protein in the form of grubs and insects. Suitable for mice only.

Vitapol Complete Food for Mouse/ Gerbil 500 g

Feeding - Vitapol Complete Food for Mouse/ Gerbil 500 gComing in as one of the less expensive food options, Vitapol offers up this food mix suitable for gerbils and mice.

Vitapol’s complete food for Mouse/Gerbil contains the entire complex of proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals necessary for high quality feeding and health of your pet. Ingredients: grains and cereal products 64%, granulated fodder 18%, vegetables 9%, bakery products 4%, oily seeds 3%, lyopilized cheese 2%. Nutrition: raw protein 14%, raw fibre 9.5%, raw fat 4.2%, raw ash 5.1%.


Critters Choice Small Animal Chocolate Drops 75g

Everyone likes giving their pets treats. A familiar favorite is chocolate drops.  Critters Choice make a range of chocolate drops for all small animals, these are perfect for mice.

Obviously use treats in moderation, treats are best used when you are handling your pets and trying to improve your bond.


Feeding Tip

Feeding your mice doesn’t have to be a routine chore for you or the mice. Instead of just putting a bowl of food in your mice house, try placing some food in different places. Mice love to burrow and forage around as if they were in the wild. Put some food in different places that they can find by using their senses.

Also, don’t forget to mix up their diet with different fresh foods that mice enjoy eating. A healthy mouse, is a happy mouse, and a happy mouse is a healthy mouse.