Pet Mice Accessories

One of the most fun parts of owning any pet is buying toys and accessories. I touched on a couple of the basics here, but lets take a good look at some interesting pet mice accessories you can buy.

How Many Pet Mice Accessories Do You Want?

You should have a decent, spacious tank or cage. You will have enough room for;

  • a couple of tunnels or obstacles
  • a home for your mice to sleep in
  • something for them to chew on
  • a water bottle
  • food dish
  • and maybe another item if you have room

Tunnels and Obstacles

Personally I like adding plenty of obstacles in the cage with my mice. They are active and inquisitive creatures by nature, so they need plenty of obstacles. Here are a couple of tunnels that look great, and give a mouse something to play in:

Pet Mice Accessories tunnelI love these wooden made tunnels, you can build a whole adventure playground with different items.

It gives the cage an outdoors feel, and certainly gives the mice somewhere to play. They may nibble it over time though.

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Pet Mice Accessories Wooden SeasawOk, admittedly mice are not the best at performing and doing what you want. But there is a good chance they will run up and down this item.

You probably wont enter the room to catch two of them playing seesaw with each other, but they will run other it I bet. A worthy addition to their cage.

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Pet mice home for a tank or cageThis is a cool looking home, and fits in with the wooden theme from above.

Mice will pull some bedding in there and make a nice warm nest.

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You can see a complete range of different homes over on Amazon here. You little rodents need somewhere quiet and warm to nest up in and sleep. So pick a nice big home, if you have several mice you will see them all huddled together sharing warmth.

Chewing Toys

Rodents love to chew on stuff to keep their teeth trim. If you want to keep them from chewing on their cage, and anything else they can get their teeth around, it’s a good idea to put something in their cage they can chew on.

The cost effective way to tackle this is to put some cardboard tubes or off cuts in their tank. They love chewing on cardboard, and it will keep them amused.

I found this for sale on Amazon though, and it seems like a cool idea:

Mice chew and lick itemI have not actually tried these, so I cannot personally comment on them.

They look like a good idea though, give your rodents something to lick and chew on , while getting some nutrients.


Water Bottles

mice water bottleNot an awful lot to say, or choose from with water bottles. You need one attached to the cage at all times, so pick one up.

This one is the bottle I use, it’s a regular one. I have a strap with attachments that hold it on to the cage. I fill it with fresh water every day, and everyone is happy.


Food Bowl

Pet Mice accessories food bowlWhen it comes to food bowls, I learnt the hard way. Only use stainless steel, or some other type of indestructible material.

If it can be chewed, destroyed, or flipped over, they will do it. This one on the left is ideal.


Have Fun With It

Well, I gave you some ideas to work with in this post. But remember, as long as your mice have everything they need, you can be creative and have some fun with it. Mice are interactive pets, they are fun to play with because they are so active.

If you have an impressive set up, or just an ordinary one – I’d love to see it. If you send me any pictures or videos, I’d be happy to share them here.

Meanwhile, check out this cage on YouTube.

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