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Where Do Mice Hide in Stoves? (+ How to Rid)

No one wants to find mice in their home, especially not in the kitchen or worse the stove. In this article, I’m looking at where exactly do mice hide in stoves, how are they getting there, and how to get rid of them. Where Do Mice Hide

Do Mice and Hamsters Get Along?

Do mice and hamsters get along and can they coexist in the same cage? – No, absolutely not! If you’re planning on cutting corners and trying to house hamsters and mice in the same cage or tank then stop right now. Don’t do it. Mice and hamsters

Do Mice Burrow in Mattresses?

Do mice burrow in mattresses? Is this something you should be concerned about, or have you had a problem with mice chewing their way into your mattress? There are few things more annoying than having mice coming into your bedroom while you sleep, or climbing on your

Can Mice Get in Through Air Vents?

Can mice get in through air vents and into your home this way? How dangerous are mice droppings in heater intakes, HVAC ducts, and air vents, and what is the best way to clean them out? A lot of these answers really comes down to the type and

Can Mice Get in Through Upstairs Windows?

Can mice get in through upstairs windows? Are you concerned about mice getting into your bedroom at night? If you have issues with mice getting into your home one of the first things you need to do is figure out how they’re getting in and seal off

Can Mice Eat Bell Peppers?

Can mice eat bell peppers if you have some spare when you’re preparing food? Yes, there are no risks with them eating peppers, and you’ll probably find the love it. Do not give them the seeds however, these are bad for mice. I’m not sure which colour