Lazy Bones Double Storey Wire Rodent Cage Review

This cage from Lazy Bones comes in at a really low price point for the size of the cage. Usually you expect to spend a couple of hundred pounds for a three storey cage of this size, but this one is under £60.

When it comes to choosing the right cage you need to make some smart decisions. You have to firstly make sure you are providing your pets enough space to roam freely and get the required exercise. This will ensure they stay happy and healthy.

Lazy Bones make a wide range of cages and other accessories for rodents and small animals, so they have a good reputation for making quality products. I’ve seen some of their cages in person, and they always look good and feel solid.

Let’s take a closer look at the specifics in this Lazy Bones Double Storey Wire Rodent Cage Review and see if it’s the perfect match for you.

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Specifications and Features

Lazy Bones Double Storey Wire Rodent Cage Review
I have to reassure you again that this is not a fragile cage, it’s extremely robust once set up and there are no concerns of this cage breaking in any way. The base is plastic, and the sides are metal bars and fix to the base with large clips.

The wire side panels come flat packed and all you need to do is pop them into place and use the large clips. Assembling this cage only takes a few moments, anyone can put this together and you don’t need any tools.

The entry door is a large section of the panel that opens up and swings down. It’s large enough for a large hand to delve in and place or remove pets easily and safely. The base is deep enough to pad out with plenty of bedding, your mice will sleep nice and snug in a layer of substrate.

As far as having fun and exercise goes, there are three platforms in total all joined by ladders. Your little rodents can run around freely and jump from the platforms. You may need to add a running wheel or some tubes, but there is room for these and that will complete the cage.

This cage is a great example of what you should be using for a couple of rodents. Always check the measurements against where you’re intended to keep the cage before buying it. And find a nice quiet spot with no drafts or foot traffic always passing by.

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Dimensions – 72cm x 45cm x 68cm


  • Great value for money, large for its price.
  • Strong construction, will not break easily.
  • Easy to build from the box in moments.


  • Platforms are hard fixed so you cannot change the levels.Lazy Bones Double Storey Wire Rodent Cage

Lazy Bones Double Storey Wire Rodent Cage Review Summary

It’s a superb all round cage choice for a number of reasons. It’s affordable, it has three levels in total, and the overall size is decent for a couple of small rodents. There is also a taller version with an extra level if you follow the link over to Amazon below you will find this.

There is a lot of positive feedback for this cage from owners, which is about as good of a recommendation as it gets. If you’re in the market for a cage of this size, I recommend taking a closer look at this cage and picking one up.


What is the maximum amount of rats for this cage?

I would not suggest having more than two rats in this cage.

Can I use this cage for degu’s or sugar gliders?

It’s fine for degus and chinchillas, but sugar gliders require a little more space to jump around and this cage is probably a little on the small side for those.

Are the platforms fixed in securely?

Yes they are, the platforms are fixed in securely and you cannot remove them without making adjustments to the cage.

How do you class the quality of this cage?

The construction and build is very high quality. User feedback confirms that it’s a reliable and durable cage and will not easily break or be damaged by the pets in side.

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