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Do Mice Bite Dogs? Are There Risks?

Do mice bite dogs? Do you need to be concerned for your furry friend if you have pet mice or wild mice coming into your home? There’s always a small risk of diseases being transferred. But it’s a really small risk, there’s really nothing for you to

Do Mice Chew Wood? (3 Reasons/Solutions)

Spotted teeth marks on some furniture, window frames, or other wooden items in your home? Wondering if mice are to blame? In this article, I’m taking a look at; Do mice chew wood? Why mice chew wood, and What you can do to stop them Do Mice

Do Mice Dig Holes?

Mice do dig holes, yes. They burrow into the ground to hide, keep warm, and safe. If you’ve seen mice in your yard or home, there is a good chance they’re hiding out in your lawn somewhere. If they’re in your home, it’s more likely they’ve worked

Do Mice Eat Ants? (+ Other Insects/Bugs)

Wondering, do mice eat ants? Do you have a problem with ants and/or mice in and around your home? Or, you might have a pet mouse and you’re wondering if you can feed them some ants? Either way, the answer is yes – mice do eat ants.

Can Mice Climb Walls

When looking for possible ways that mice are getting into your home you may be wondering, can mice climb walls? Climbing the walls may be one route they are using. Mice can climb walls, as well as jump across surface tops. They are also able to scale

How to Safely Clean Mouse Droppings

So you have started finding poop in your home and identified it as mouse poop. It’s time to do a couple of things (without freaking out). Firstly, take note of where and how much poop you can see. Secondly, follow the instructions in this article so you

Mouse Droppings Identification Made Easy

One of the most common signs that you have mice coming into your home is spotting mice poop. There are several different animals that leave droppings behind however, and it might not be mice that are leaving the poop. Mouse droppings identification is easy if you know

Field Mice vs House Mice

There are many different types of mice in the UK. Only a few are seen as an annoyance, and that’s only when they are getting into your home unwanted. This article looks at field mice vs house mice, two of the main culprits for entering buildings. As

Astrex Mice Information and Facts

Astrex mice are possibly the rarest breed of curly coated mice to be seen at shows or kept as pets. Their distinctive curly coat is the result of a particular gene. They look very different to the normal type of oat you expect to see on a

Beach Mice Information and Facts

Alabama beach mice are an interesting and lesser know type of mouse. They have large black eyes and a smooth, short coat. They are typically white on their underside and light brown on the top of their heads and backs. They are listed as an endangered species