When it comes to choosing housing for your pet mice you have several options. The main three are;

  • Metal bar cages
  • Plastic houses
  • Glass terrariums

There are pros and cons to each of these different types of home for your mice, here are some of the best examples with points to consider before making a choice.

Metal Bar Mice Housing

Liberta Riviera Portofino Mouse Cage

Cage housing for pet mice

Liberta have been making cages for small animals for a long time. With neutral colors and basic design it will fit in with almost any home. This model comes with the cage, tray, platform, wheel, bowl, stairs and a house.

It does have metal bars though which is not ideal for mice. Over time the bars can corrode and the mice may try and chew on them. For current prices and more information you can look here.

Plastic Housing for Mice

Liberta Riviera Palmaria Hamster Mouse Cage

Plastic pet mice housingAnother mouse house from the Liberta Riviera range. Comes fully kitted with all the parts you see in the picture, and a fun tube traveling outside and back in the home.

A plastic home with top ventilation like this one is a recommended option. There are no bars for the mice to try and escape or chew on and you have good visibility. To check latest prices and more information click here.

Habitrail OVO Dwarf Hamster/ Mouse Habitat Cage

Plastic pet mice housingIf you’re looking something a little more extravagant for your beloved mice, the Habitrail will do the trick.

Rounded corners to prevent gnawing and help with cleaning, sliding doors to different areas of the home. This housing option means more fun and exercise. For the complete specifications and prices click here.

Superpet & Cages Critter Trail X Small Animal Cage Set, 20”x 11.5” x 18”h

Plastic pet mice housingI couldn’t review the best mice homes without including a guilty pleasure. If you want to treat your pets and have a large play home take a look at the Superpet Trail. A combination of plastic boxes and tubes with a metal caged mid section.

Easy to clean and with lots to keep your mice interested, if you have space and don’t mine the color take a look here.

Glass Terrarium Housing

Ferplast Ratatout 80 Mouse Cage

Glass pet mice housingA personal favorite of mine is the glass terrarium. They look modern, simple, give very good visibility of your mice and are easy to clean.

The downside is that they are heavy, this makes cleaning out and moving it around a little more difficult.

Check out this model and others available at Amazon here.