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Do Mice Alarms Work? Here’s the Truth

If you have a mice problem in or around your home and are looking into ways to repel or rid your property of the mice you may have heard of mice alarms. Or ultrasonic rodent-repelling devices as they are also called. So, do mice alarms work? Are

Can Mice Climb into Beds

  Although I keep mice as pets and have a lot of love for the little creatures. The first thing many people ask me is ‘can mice climb into beds’? It’s a concern for many that they will have a mouse climbing up on to their bed

Why Do Mice Come into Your Home?

Mice are craft little creatures, and will find a way into your home at the smallest opportunity. But, why do mice come into your home? Well, there are a number of reasons, and equally a number of ways to stop it if it’s bothering you. Why Do

Scents: What Do Mice Hate?

We have a lot of love on this blog for mice. Obviously most of the focus here is on pet mice owners, and caring for mice. But there are a lot of people who have problems with mice. I want to help with you ridding your house