What Do Pet Mice Need

What Do Pet Mice Need

There are a number of things pet mice need in their cages to keep them entertained, happy, and healthy. It’s easy setting up a mice home, and fun too. There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing their environment and making it fun for them. You can either put in the basics, or let your creative side run wild.

What Do Pet Mice Need

Mice Need Bedding

Mice need lots and lots of bedding materials to move around and make nests out of. They spend a lot of time moving materials around and creating their own little environment how they want it. So throw lots of shredded paper and other safe bedding materials in their cage for them.

Mice Need Some Furniture

What is a new home good for if it doesn’t have any furniture in? Place a couple of obstacles and a house in there for the mice to investigate and use. Make it homely and interesting for the mice. They live in a small space, it’s the least you can do.

Mice Need Food and Water Bowls or Bottles

Obviously food bowls are absolutely necessary. A good strong one too. The bowl needs to be resistant to being chewed or destroyed, as well as not being easily tipped over. Water bowls are ok, but bottles are better. Attach a water bottle at a convenient height for the mice to drink from.

Mice Need Toys to Keep Interested

Toys are fun, and this is no different for mice. Mice are curious animals, so having toys to investigate and chew on makes this life a lot more enjoyable. This can include rope bridges, climbing apparatus, chewable items, and so on.

Mice Need an Exercise Wheel

A mice cage isn’t complete without an exercise wheel. Pick up a quiet no-squeak wheel if you don’t want to hear them exercising overnight. Exercise is very important to keeping mice healthy. So keep that wheel in good working order.

Mice Need Things to Chew On

Mice teeth are always growing and they have to chew or gnaw on things to keep them trim. You can pick up chewing toys from any pet store or online. They are inexpensive and vital to the health of your mice.

Pet Mice Need Company

Fitting out a fun and interactive environment in one part of keeping pet mice happy and healthy. Another part is keeping them company and giving them some social interaction. You can keep mice together under the correct rules and conditions. But they also enjoy the human interaction that you can provide.

Remember that your mice are pets and you have chosen to keep them in a cage in your home. Think about what do pet mice need to be happy. Give them some love and attention and don’t just leave them to exist.

If you handle a mouse from a young age they will be very comfortable with human interaction and you can play with them. Mice are more affectionate and enjoyable as pets than people assume before trying.

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