Best Mouse Bedding Materials

Firstly, you have to keep in mind that there is no bedding that is completely safe for mice and other small animals. There are some that are generally fine for most rodents however, and they should be fine.

But should you notice any health problems as a result of the bedding, you need to change it up right away. You will find the perfect bedding for your pets, and you, without too much bother. Here are the different types available and the best mouse bedding materials:

Best Mouse Bedding Materials

Mouse Bedding

Mouse bedding is a material, or a collection of materials that is suitable for them to sleep on. In their cage/house you will need to layer the floor with some bedding, and additionally give them some other, softer material to nest in.

Take the set-up I have for example. I have a thick layer of aspen chippings all over the floor of my mice cage. They love this as they can burrow and dig in it, and it’s completely safe.

It’s not very expensive either, which is good for me. I can replace it all when I clean out their cage, giving them a nice new batch to play in. There has been cases of mice, and even people having an allergic reaction to aspen. If this is the case, obviously stop using it.

I also put some pieces of shredded paper in for them to play with. They love carrying pieces of paper around and stuffing it into their little house. They all snuggle up and nest in there and look perfectly happy.

Paper Bedding for Small Animals

Shredded paper Bedding

Shredded paper is the safest option for mice, it also costs the least so that’s a bonus. You can use old paper you no longer have use for, or buy a batch of cheap computer paper, even use newspapers.

The black ink in newspapers have been proven to be fine, and presents no type of health risk. Colored inks, people are a little less sure about, so it’s best to avoid these just in case.

To keep on the safe side I always recommend using clean paper, this way there is no chance of it affecting the mice. There is no risk of parasites or mites to paper, as long as it have been normally stored.

Putting shredded paper in your mice cage will give them something to work with. You will see them dragging bits around, making nests, and building little piles. Just rip it into nice strips and make sure the pieces aren’t too long.

Bedding for Small Animals

There are a few different types of bedding for small animals available in pet stores. These are as follows:

Best Mouse Bedding Materials


Hay Bedding

It’s easy to throw some hay in for mice to bed down on. It’s cheap, easy to get hold of and can help eliminate some odors. It’s not the easiest for them to burrow around in however, I wouldn’t recommend it on its own.


Not the most common of materials you will come across depending where you live, but an option for some. The odor isn’t too bad, and it covers up some worse smells.


Wood based bedding in general are not the best, there is a high chance of allergies. But maple seems to be fairly friendly, and smells pleasant too. This is a good option if your local store sells it.


A safe wood based bedding, and usually easily available. It’s good for tunneling as it holds well, even though it is not heavy. So you will see your mice having fun with this, worth a try.

Best Bedding for Mice

You need to find bedding that works for you. This means that it’s not causing any allergy problems for the mouse, doesn’t have an odor that bothers you, and is easy for you to pick up. The best mouse bedding can vary a little from person to person, but you have all the information here to make the right decisions.

By trying a little sample of different bedding you will find the right one. Mice are quick to show you their disdain for something t hey do not like. Obviously you do not want to risk making them ill, but you need a happy balance.

If you are coming up with your own bedding material, make sure it is burrow friendly too. Mice love to burrow, and a wood based material like aspen for example makes good burrowing material. It hold swell as they make tunnels, and is fascinating to see them creating underground caverns.

Dangerous Bedding for Mice

There are some bedding materials that are known to be harmful to mice. These should be avoided at all costs, it’s just not worth the risk of making your mice ill. Sometimes it can be fatal too, remember they only have small organs and lungs, and breathing in toxic materials will have a bad effect on them quickly.


Once upon a time cedar was used as bedding, but this is to be avoided. It is known to be very dangerous to mice. They are allergic to it, and will have organ failure if left with it in their cage for a long period of time.

A mouse with cedar bedding in their tank can break out with skin conditions, breathing difficulties, wheezing, sneezing etc. This can happen fairly quickly, within a week or so. You must change the bedding instantly if you notice any of these problems, or think you have cedar in there.


Cotton mouse bedding

Cotton has been seen being used and depicted on images and TV before. But cotton is not to be used under any circumstance. Cotton fibers can block up a mouses air passage and insides, don’t use it.

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