Do Mice Teeth Keep Growing?

People are more commonly aware that rats teeth continue to grow, and we have all probably heard stories about long teeth being a problem. Well, do mice teeth keep growing too?

Yes, they do. Mice have 16 teeth in total, and unlike us they do not have baby teeth first. They have one set their entire life, and they continue to grow and renew to keep healthy and sharp.

Do Mice Teeth Keep Growing

Why Do Mice Teeth Keep Growing?

The front teeth, called the incisors should overlap the bottom teeth slightly. This is to give the mice maximum strength when biting stuff, also allowing the top teeth to be trimmed down.

Their teeth keep on growing because through evolution, this has developed as a much needed way to make sure their teeth stay healthy. Mice cannot visit the dentist if they have a tooth issue.

Keeping Their Teeth Healthy

If a mouses teeth match up together at the front, it’s called malocclusion. This can result in teeth breaking or chipping from clashing together. Obviously there is a chance of all kinds of problems as a result of this condition.

You should always provide mice something to chew on in their cage. They will always be looking for something to gnaw on naturally, so giving them something that’s not too abrasive will help.

Cardboard tubes, soft plastics, and other items like this are idea. I have talked about how and why mice nibble on things like wires, and that’s’ the last thing you want.

Having a Vet Trim Mice Overgrown Teeth

There are not many reasons why you would need to pay the vet a visit. But problems with a mouses teeth it one of them. If they cannot eat properly they may not last very long.

If their teeth are too long, or growing in an unnatural way a vet can trim them. Never attempt to do this yourself, always allow a professional, qualified vet to carry out this procedure.

If done correctly it will not cause any pain for the mouse. There are two different methods that the vet may use. Firstly, by using regular clipping tool. This is not the best method as there is a chance of cracking or causing other damage while clipping.

Secondly, by using a power tool like a Dremel
or a circular wheel to slice off the part of the tooth being a problem. This gives a much cleaner and accurate cut, the only chance of harm is trauma to the mouse, or damage to the gums from the vibrations.

Keeping an Eye On Your Mouse

You just need to keep an eye out for any problems as they start. It’s not a common problem, I have only encountered it a couple of time across dozens of mice.

They will, if provided with all of the necessary accessories take care of their own teeth and you will  not have to worry. So, hopefully you have the answer to, Do Mice Teeth Keep Growing? and you are fully clued up about what to do in case of any problems.

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