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What Do Pet Mice Need

There are a number of things pet mice need in their cages to keep them entertained, happy, and healthy. It’s easy setting up a mice home, and fun too. There are endless possibilities when it comes to designing their environment and making it fun for them. You

The Male Mouse

Male mice are the larger, less social, and slightly more difficult when compared to female mice. A male mouse still makes for a great pet, they are fun and interesting to keep and interact with. When keeping several mice in a cage you need to be aware of how many

Little Friends Mice Rodent 100cm Cage Review

At this price most people looking for a quality cage will pass over it. Sure if you spend a few hundred pounds you can get a really large cage that’s well built and finished. But this Little Friends cage is deceptively good value, it’s very well constructed

Best Mouse Bedding Materials

Firstly, you have to keep in mind that there is no bedding that is completely safe for mice and other small animals. There are some that are generally fine for most rodents however, and they should be fine. But should you notice any health problems as a

Why Do Mice Come into Your Home?

Mice are craft little creatures, and will find a way into your home at the smallest opportunity. But, why do mice come into your home? Well, there are a number of reasons, and equally a number of ways to stop it if it’s bothering you. Why Do

Are Pet Mice Nocturnal?

Owning pets is always a big responsibility. All of a sudden you are responsible for looking after something other than yourself. With this comes a commitment, changes to your own lifestyle, and the need to adapt a little. You should always research your new pets needs and

What Is a Fancy Mouse

A few years ago I too was asking people, “what is a fancy mouse?”. It sounded like a type of mouse that was, well, fancy. Fancy meaning something that is special, kind of unique and better than others. In fact the term fancy mouse is used for

Mice Cages: Types and Preferences

An overview of housing options for your mice has been covered here. I covered some of the best mice cages, houses, and glass tanks available to purchase. In this article I am going to go into some more detail and take a detailed look at all the

Facts about Mice: 10 Interesting Mice Facts

Mice are intriguing animals to many people, yet remain a bit of a mystery unless they have owned some. That’s why I decided to compile some interesting facts about mice for this article. Whether you have owned, or want to own mice, or maybe have had wild