Facts about Mice: 10 Interesting Mice Facts

Facts about Mice

Mice are intriguing animals to many people, yet remain a bit of a mystery unless they have owned some. That’s why I decided to compile some interesting facts about mice for this article. Whether you have owned, or want to own mice, or maybe have had wild mice in your house, I’m sure you’ll find something new in these 10 interesting mouse facts here:

Mice like to eat small amounts of food many times a day, often around 15-20 small meals. Because of this they will usually make their homes near a food source.

Mice use their whiskers to judge the size of holes, have a feel for the surface they are on and sensing changes in temperature.

Mice communicate with each other by making regular sounds we can hear, but also with ultrasonic sounds we can’t.

Female house mice can give birth to a litter every three weeks or so. A litter of mice can be up to a dozen a time. This is one of the facts about mice that you need to take note of. Don’t mix male and female mice unless you want a lot of litters!

Mice are very good at climbing. They have sharp claws and scales on their tails which help them when climbing.

Wild mice will make a path to food and water and reuse the exact same path every time.

Mice can fall or jump down from a height as high as 12” without sustaining an injury. Obviously this is one of the facts about mice that you will have to take my word for that and not try it!

Although rarely seen, mice are excellent at swimming and will use this as a means of escaping predators.

Baby mice are referred to as ‘kittens’, adult males are ‘bucks’ and adult females are ‘does’.

Within their underground tunnels Mice as very organised and clean. They usually have a separate place to store their food, sleep and go to toilet. This can sometimes be seen within colonies in large indoor cages.

Facts about Mice – In Summary

So that’s it, 10 of the most interesting mouse facts I could summarize I hope you learnt something new, and as always, if you have any comments or facts for me to add to the list please leave a comment.


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