Why Do Mice Come into Your Home?

Mice are craft little creatures, and will find a way into your home at the smallest opportunity. But, why do mice come into your home? Well, there are a number of reasons, and equally a number of ways to stop it if it’s bothering you.

Why Do Mice Come into Your Home

Why Do Mice Come into Your Home?

For Food

Probably the number one reason why mice will come into your home is to get food. You will probably notices signs of mice around areas with food, like cupboards, pantry’s, and places like that.

The signs will be droppings and chew marks. Those are the two tell tale signs of mice. It’s difficult to catch them in the act, because they will run away if they hear noise or sense danger. Plus they are nocturnal, so unless you work nights they are going about their scavenging while you are sleeping.

How to Stop Mice Coming in for Food

It’s a fact that mice will forge a determined path each day if they get food. Repeating the same journey over and over again. So it’s important you put a stop to the food source quickly. Move all available food out of their reach, and disinfect the area.

Sprinkle the area with some of the scents that mice do not like to smell. This will discourage them to come back to the same area next time. This is one of the more humane way to deal with the problem.

Warmth and Comfort

Mice can handle the cold temperatures just fine, but who wouldn’t resist somewhere that’s a low warmer and provides good shelter. They won’t often stay in a space, often leaving their nests throughout the day and night investigating the surrounding area.

If you keep spotting mice running across your floor, or droppings etc littered around, you may have them in your house. You need to look in every nook and cranny to try and find out where they are hiding,

How to Stop Mice Coming in for Warmth and Comfort

This can get a little tricky, because you need to really plug every hole they may be using to get into your house. This often sounds easy, but in reality there are lots of small holes they can use to get inside.

Plug up all possible entry points, disturb and put some deterrents down around areas they have previously frequented. If you think mice are still getting into your home you’ll need to catch them by using a humane trap.

Check List to Limit The Entry Points

Here is a quick look check list to help limit the reasons, and ways a mouse will get into your home:

  • Check there are no gaps under the main entry doors to the house, stop them if there is.
  • Add vents to chimneys and other openings.
  • Seal up any cracks in the brickwork, no matter how small they might seem.
  • Lock away all food and use airtight containers where possible.
  • Check entry points from cellars or attics to the main house.
  • Look in any boxes and bags you have that you have not moved in a while.
  • Store any wood in your garden as far away from the house as possible.

This should cover most the entry points for rodents into you home. If you need professionals to take care of this for you, use humane companies such as MouseMesh, you don’t need to use companies that kill and poison the rodents. This isn’t good for anyone.

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