10 Fun and Interesting Facts about Fancy Mice [Infographic]

10 fun and interesting facts about fancy mice infographic


10 Fun and Interesting Facts about Fancy Mice

1. Fancy mice are tame and friendly when handled properly from a young age.

2. They are fun to sit and watch in their tanks, always active and burrowing or hiding food.

3. Mice use their whiskers to feel surfaces and detect changes in weather.

4. Although not often seen, mice are great swimmers when needed.

5. Mice have sharp claws, very useful for climbing and gripping.

6. Males are called ‘bucks’, females are ‘does’, and baby mice are ‘kittens’.

7. Mice communicate with each other using ultrasonic sounds the human ear can’t detect.

8. A mouse’s tail grows as long as its body and helps with grip when climbing.

9. Fancy mice are really cute, with long noses and pointy ears.

10. They come in lots of different colors, along with several types and breeds.


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