Do Mice Sweat? (No, Here’s What You Need to Know)

Do Mice Sweat

Do mice sweat the same as we do when they are too hot?

How do mice deal with hot temperatures? What should we do as pet mice owners to ensure our mice are not too hot or cold all year around?

These are great questions for anyone who owns pet mice. It’s a lot easier for us to either warm ourselves up or cool ourselves down than it is for our mice.

So, here’s everything you need to know about keeping mice at a comfortable temperature.

Do Mice Sweat If They Get Too Hot?

Mice do not have sweat glands; therefore they cannot regulate their body temperature by sweating as we do.

They do not pant either like some other animals. So, as you can imagine, they do not deal well with hot temperatures extreme fluctuations in room temps.

If temperatures reach 90 degrees Fahrenheit (32 degrees Celsius) mice start to become seriously at risk of overheating, which can be fatal.

It’s a good idea to keep a thermometer near your mice cage in the summer months or if you live somewhere with a hot climate.

Take measures to stop the temperature rising in their cage long before gets near to 90 degrees as it’s hard for them to cool down.

Simple things like drawing the curtains, moving their cage to a cooler spot, using a fan, etc, can make a big difference.

How Do Mice Cool Themselves down When They’re Too Hot?

Without being able to sweat or pant it’s more of a challenge for mice to cool down.

When they feel the temperature rising, mice will decrease their metabolism and reduce movement to lower their core temperature.

They will also drink water of course which should always be available.

Conversely, when mice are cold they will burrow into their bedding or huddle up together if they are with other pack members to share warmth.

Things You Can Do to Help Your Mice Keep Cool

I thought I’d outline a few tips and ways you can help keep your mice cool during the hotter months:

Air Conditioner – This is the obvious answer. If you have an air conditioner in your home you can regulate the temperature in the room their cage is in. This way you know for sure they are not at risk of overheating.

Ice Cubes – Drop an ice cube in a bowl for them to lick, or put a few ice cubes in a plastic container and put that in their cage. Your mice will hang out next to it if they want to cool down.

Think Shade – Your mice cage should always be in a nice spot that gets plenty of fresh air and natural light, without catching a constant breeze or being in the direct sunlight.

If you do one or more of these things your mice are going to be a lot more comfortable and happier!

Please keep a close eye on the temperature in their room in the summer months.

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