Do Mice Sleep? (Mice Sleeping Habits Explained)

Do Mice Sleep

Do mice sleep? Yep, of course they do, they sleep quite a lot actually.

Mice are nocturnal animals. This means they sleep during the day and are active during the night.

If we’re talking about pet mice here you’ll be able to observe them sleeping during the day. Although they will probably be nesting under some bedding and you might not actually see them.

If you’re thinking about wild or house mice and when they are most likely to come into your home, this is why you don’t see them very often.

Mice are active when you’re sleeping. Which is why they are able to sneak into your home, steal food, do some damage chewing on things, leave droppings behind, and disappear again.

Do Mice Come out During the Day?

I mentioned mice are nocturnal above, but this doesn’t mean that they never come out during the day.

Mice are perfectly able to get around during daylight hours, they are not afraid of daylight or anything like that. It just makes them a lot more vulnerable to predators and other dangers.

If you do start seeing mice during the day this is an indication that there is probably a large infestation, or they are very hungry and willing to take more risks.

Either way, seeing mice near or in your home during the day means you have a serious problem and it’s time to start doing something about it if you want to be rid of them.

Will Pet Mice Disturb You During the Night?

Will Pet Mice Disturb You During the Night

With mice being active at night there is a chance they are going to disturb you if you have their cage in your bedroom. Which is why I always recommend you have the cage in a different room.

Mice are constantly moving around, flicking their bedding, chewing on things, and running on their training wheel when they are awake. So, yes the noise will annoy you unless you’re a heavy sleeper.

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