Signs That You Have Mice in Your Home

Signs That You Have Mice in Your Home

Are you concerned that you have mice coming in to your home? Do you hear scratching or foraging noises in the night and find signs that you have mice sneaking around when you’re sleeping? If so you might have mice in your property, or some other small rodent or animal.

Mice are nocturnal animals. They will come out at night, so most people are sleeping and will not notice they have been in their home. Most people become aware of the mice entering their properties though the signs they leave behind. It’s rare that you will see a mouse just brazenly walking around while you’re up in the day.

Signs That You Have Mice Entering Your Home

If you think you have mice, or you are really sure you do. Here are some of the more common signs that mice have been in your home while you were sleeping:

Mice Poop – Droppings

This is probably the most common, and most unpleasant sign that you have mice. Mice leave a lot of poop behind when they are walking around. You will see dozens of little black droppings around 3-6mm in length. The more moist, the more recent.

If you spot droppings, start checking all over. Look in cupboards, behind large items that can be moved, and locate where the highest concentration is as this is where the mice are spending most of their time.

Urine Patches and the Smell of Ammonia

Mice also pee a lot as well as poop. They are waste producing machines! If you have a lot of mice coming in you will smell ammonia, it’s a foul, strong smell. You may also see damp evidence if it’s recent.

Greasy Marks

Mice like to walk close to walls and will often leave greasy marks where they have been rubbing against. Not the most obvious of signs, but along with other evidence it’s compelling and can help you understand where the mice are travelling.

Evidence of Nesting

Mice love shredding materials and making nests to snuggle up in and stay warm. Attic spaces are common areas as there are usually lots of potential places to sleep and its warm.


You may see lots of tiny footprints if you have a surface that is conducive to leaving this kind of evidence. This could be a good indication of how many mice and how active they are too.

Where Should You Check for Mice Inside Your Home?

So you have seen some of the above evidence and signs that you have mice in your home. Where should you start looking for where the mice may be hiding? Here are some popular locations:

Attics and Loft Spaces

where should you look for mice in your home loft

There is typically everything mice need to make a great nest in an attic. It’s warm, there are lots of materials, and plenty of spaces to hide without being disturbed. If you store personal items in your attic check everywhere for damage, the mice will chew through your items.

Kitchens and Utility Rooms

Mice love kitchens as there is plenty to eat. It’s the worst place to find them for hygienic reasons so you will want rid pretty quick. Check behind any items that will move, and look deep in cupboards for small holes and entry points.


If you don’t go into your basement often the mice may be happily living in there. Check it out as thoroughly as possible. Remove items that may be attracting mice, like cardboard, papers, and food.

Inside Cavity Walls

This is one of the most annoying places for mice to enter as it can be really hard to find and remove them. If you have cavity walls, leave no holes unfilled.

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