Scents: What Do Mice Hate?

We have a lot of love on this blog for mice. Obviously most of the focus here is on pet mice owners, and caring for mice. But there are a lot of people who have problems with mice.

I want to help with you ridding your house of mice too, especially if you are acting humanely. So first part of the problem is finding out, what do mice hate? A lot of people don’t want to harm the mice getting into their home, but they do want rid of them.

It’s not nice finding droppings in your home, or having your wires chewed, is it? Plus, have you noticed how difficult it is to actually catch the mice in the act? They are most active when you are asleep, plus they are pretty quick.

What Do Mice Hate

What Do Mice Hate to Smell?


Several studies have proven that mice hate peppermint. It’s not known exactly why, but obviously it’s due to the smell. It’s a perfectly pleasant smell to our noses, but they just can’t take it.

It’s easy to use peppermint to deter them. Just sprinkle some fresh leaves around the areas you think the mice keep returning to. It’ll smell nice to you so that’s a bonus.

Cat Hair (even better attached to a cat)

Ok, having a cat is a great deterrent, we all know how that goes. But cat hair is also something that mice hate. So while you may not own a cat yourself, if you can source some of their fur you can leave it for the mice.

But remember, people are allergic to cat fur too. So be careful how much, and where you’re placing it.

Moth Balls

You may not have come across moth balls before, they are not commonly used. At least not in my experience. But as the name suggests, they are to keep moths away, usually from clothes.

Well, if you have some spare you can use them to warn mice off too. Mice hate the scent of moth balls and will go out of their way to avoid them.

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves have a similar effect to the peppermint leaves. But they are not as commonly grown at home, or as accessible. If you can’t find peppermint in your region for some reason, if think it isn’t working. Try using bay leaves.

Cayenne Pepper

If yo consider how hot cayenne pepper is to you, think how hot it is to a little mouse. If you sprinkle some pepper around on the floor where the mice are running around, they will not enjoy it.

It will get on their little paws, on their fur, and may end up on their nose or in their mouth. Making for a really unpleasant surprise. They should start to remember the unpleasant experience and re-think their plans.


The war against mice can be a long drawn out battle. They are resourceful and craft little creatures. But knowing, what do mice hate to smell is going to be a big help. No point leaving bits on the ground that they will end up liking and eating!

I wish you luck.

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