How to Keep Mice out of My Shed?

How to Keep Mice out of My Shed

I recently noticed the signs that mice had been in my shed. There were droppings and gnawing marks on some of my boxes.

I’ve dealt with mice as both pets and intruders into my home. I understand mice relly well and knew how to keep mice out of my shed.

Here are some of the things I did to secure my shed, keep mice out, and now I can rest easy knowing nothing is being nibbled on and damaged.

Seal up All Entry Points

Mice are very crafty and agile. They will find a way into a shed through the smallest of cracks and holes so you need to seal up any possible entry points.

If you have ventilation or other holes that need to be there fit a mesh over the top. Make sure it’s secure and keep an eye on it for any signs of damage as mice will chew through it if they really want to get in.

Clean up and Declutter

For most of us, our sheds fast become a place where we dump everything we need in the garden and don’t want in our homes.

Mice and attracted to clutter though. They love having places to hide, they make nests, and they will forage for scraps to eat on.

Mice also feel more comfortable with an array of places to hide. You rarely see a mouse hanging out in the middle of a large room, do you?

Spray Some Mouse Repellant

Even if you haven’t seen any mice around your shed you can be proactive and spray some repellent to send out a warning signal to any mice thinking about venturing in.

I always advise using peppermint oil as it’s very effective, doesn’t have a chemical smell like industrial products, and doesn’t have any potentially harmful chemicals.

Have a Rodent Proof Shed Foundation

Mice will often find their way into the foundations of a shed, and once they are in the foundations it can be incredibly difficult to remove them.

To secure your foundations go through the following steps:

  • Check for any holes mice can crawl through and seal them
  • Remove any plants and foliage growing around your shed
  • If you have easy access under the floorboards lay a sheet of metal on top of the foundations and underneath the floor
  • Add meshing to all drainage and gutters

Cut off Any Food or Water Sources

More often than not mice are looking for food and water when entering our homes and sheds. So cutting off food and water is a good way to send them searching elsewhere.

If they are already in your foundations or venturing into your shed, what are they getting from these areas?

Seal up anything edible in airtight plastic containers. Fix any leaks and remove any water sources and you’ll probably see a reduction in mice without even having to use traps.

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