Do Mice Have Fleas

do mice have fleas

Do mice have fleas? A lot of new mouse owners want to know if mice carry fleas. As well as property owners who are having issues with mice entering their home. If you have several different types of pet in your home, fleas do need to be a concern.

I will point out right off the top that there is a huge difference between wild mice and house mice. They are both capable of getting fleas, but it’s almost unheard of for pet mice to get fleas. Wild mice, house mice, and field mice are more of a concern.

Do Mice Have Fleas?

Mice are capable of getting fleas. They are an animal with fur, so they are not immune to fleas. If your mice do have fleas, you will first notice by seeing them scratch and itch a lot.

There may be evidence of blood spotting on their fur or around their cage too. These spots are left by the fleas and are a typical sign of active fleas biting the mice.

Wild Mice Carrying Fleas and Ticks

If you have wild mice coming in to your home and you have other pets you are probably concerned about the mice bringing fleas in. Wild mice can carry fleas and other disease, so it’s very important to do something about it.

First you need to find out where these little creatures are getting in. They are able to fit through the smallest of holes. As well as chewing their way through all kinds of materials. So never take if for granted there is an area they can’t get through. Check everywhere carefully to find out all the possible entry points.

Next you need to take action and do something about it. This means plugging up every hole, filling cracks, and fixing broken things that may be allowing them access into your home.

Check for mice poop/droppings, this is always a sure sign that you have mice coming into your home. They will also leave plenty of evidence in the way of chew marks on food and and items in your home.

They tend to chew on papers, cardboard boxes and plastic bags mostly. It’s annoying when they destroy something you value, or if you pick up a bag and the contents fall out because a hole has been chewed in it.

Do Mice Fleas Bite Humans?

Mice fleas are also able to live on your cat or dog. Fleas tend to only bite certain people, or at least some people are a lot more susceptible to irritation and flare ups after being bitten. It’s not pleasant being bitten in your own home either way.

So if you are one of those who are bitten and agitated by flea bites. You will probably be bitten by fleas that have been living on mice. If they were not already enough reasons to do something about the potential problem of mice fleas, this is a pretty big one.

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