Can Mice Climb into Beds


Can Mice Climb into Beds

Although I keep mice as pets and have a lot of love for the little creatures. The first thing many people ask me is ‘can mice climb into beds’?

It’s a concern for many that they will have a mouse climbing up on to their bed in the night and walking on them. Ok, the thought of that isn’t a nice one. I can agree with this.

Setting aside pet mice and fancy mice. Let’s take a look at wild mice and the implications of them getting into your home. It can be upsetting for people.

Mice can cause a lot of damage to possessions in your home. Particularly food and food packaging. They are more active at night than in the day. So this forms part of the concerns people have about mice walking on them when they are sleeping.

So can mice climb into beds? Well, this depends largely on what type of bed you have and what the access is to climb up.

Personally I have never known people to say that a mouse did get on their bed. I have known a few people to have a problem with mice in their homes. But never did they say a mouse was in their bed.

Can Mice Climb into Beds

As I said, I have never heard of it happening. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen because of course it does. But you need to look at the reasons why it happens to some, and not others.

There is probably a number of reasons why it’s not a problem for people even if they have mice in their homes, namely;

  • There isn’t a route of access to climb up your bed for the mouse.
  • The mice aren’t even going upstairs in your house.
  • The mice do not have access to your room and you keep the door closed at night.

So if you have had a mouse make it on to your bed. Or you are very paranoid about it happening. Look at what changes you can make from the above to stop it happening.

When Do Mice Come out of Hiding

If you have mice in your home and you are seeing all the obvious signs but not the mice. You are probably wondering when do mice come out of hiding.

They are a lot more active at night. Most people catch mice in their homes with traps and only see the evidence once they have been caught. They don’t see the mice themselves running around.

I think this adds to the fear that mice and running around on people’s beds while they are sleeping. But you can be fairly sure they are not.

Ways to Get Rid of Mice in Your Home

If you have mice in your home and are concerned about them getting into your bedroom and on your bed. Here are some tips to get rid of the mice in your home.

Secure All Food Sources

Mice need food, and this will always be the primary reason for them being in your home.  You will have seen their dropping near food, which isn’t pleasant I’m sure you’ll agree.

So start locking away all and any food sources. Mice are creatures of habit, they walk the same routes daily. They will soon pick a new route when they realise they are not getting any food.

Keep Your Home Clean and Clutter Free

I’m not suggesting your home is dirty. But if you want to start removing mice from your home you need to have a good clean and up remove all clutter.

Give them less places to hide and burrow into. As well as removing anything they may be eating.

Close up Any Entry Points

It’s most likely the mice leave and enter your home. So there must be entry points somewhere. Now you need to get busy and find out where these places may be.

No matter how small the holes are that give access to your home close them up. Mice are tiny and can force their way through the smallest of holes.

Use Humane Traps

I always recommend using humane traps. I don’t agree with painful traps designed to kill mice. They don’t deserve to be killed just because you don’t want them coming into your home.

So use humane traps. These capture the mice and you can then release them into the wild far away from your home.

Use an Ultrasonic Device

Ultrasonic devices are a clever way to deter mice from coming into your home and also humane. They send out signals that we can’t hear, but mice and other rodents can.

Its makes them turn the other way pretty quickly. I’ve seen them used, and they are quite effective. Worth checking them out.

So next time you are concerned about mice getting into your bed in the night think about your options.

There are a lot of measures you can take to make sure they are not entering your home. On top of that there are measures you can take to make it difficult for them to get onto your bed.

So don’t lose sleep over it. Remember too that mice a cute and cuddly little creatures!

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