What Materials Can Mice Not Chew Through

What Materials Can Mice Not Chew Through

Having mice coming into your home can be incredibly frustrating and can cause damage to your property. But what materials can mice not chew through? Mice are notoriously hard to catch and can often go months without being caught. Dodging traps, stealing food, causing damage by chewing on things, etc.

By far the best method to reduce mouse activity in your home is to stop them getting in. Prevention is much more effective than finding a cure. This means mouse-proofing your home from all those little holes they may be using to get in.

Mice will chew through a lot of different materials to get through. So you need to use some mouse-proof materials. For example, even plastics, wood and other household fillers will not be enough. They will chew their way through and make their way into your home.

What Materials Can Mice Not Chew Through

There are few easily available materials that you can use to fill small holes that mice will not chew through. Here are some materials that you can feel safe knowing they are in place, or think about trying to use to block some of those holes that may be acting as gateways into your home.

Can Mice Chew Through Metal Flex Duct

Not easily no. This has been used with great success by someone I know. They added more metal flux ducting to a basement area that was allowing mice through. It stopped the mice and didn’t show any signs of damage. Definitely one to consider.

Can Mice Chew Through Metal Screen

Nope. Metal is a good material for stopping mice and all other rodents. Make sure the screen is flat and of decent thickness. Don’t have corners missing or spaces that allow the mice to get their teeth into a corner and start working at chewing it.

Can Mice Chew Through Window Screens

Yes and no. Yes if you include the mouse chewing through the rubber seal around the window and causing damage. This can potentially lead to them working their way in through some windows. No applies to being able to just chew through the glass part of the window screen.

Can Mice Chew Through Walls

No. A solid brick construction wall is very mouse-proof. Cheaper walls made of softer materials than brick is another story. Mice will chew through some plyboard and woods. Walls do develop holes for various other reasons that mice will exploit and crawl though however.

Can Mice Chew Through Ceramic Tile

No. When it comes down to what materials can mice not chew through – ceramic tiles are a great mouse blocking material. There is no way a mouse, or mice can chew through these. These tiles are common flooring materials and can also be used to block holes.

Can Mice Chew Through Copper

No they can not. Copper and copper wool are two very effective ways to keep mice out of your home. Thin copper wires can be chewed through however, so there is potential for damage being done. But solid copper will act as a complete shut out.

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