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Pet Mouse Health Problems

Pet mice, or fancy mice as you may call them, are pretty healthy animals generally speaking. Most owners will never come across any pet mouse health problems, and there won’t be expensive trips to the vets. A couple of huge pro points when it comes to choosing

Can Mice Hurt Pet Birds

Keeping different types of animals under the same roof comes with some precautions. I recently received an email from a reader of the blog asking me, ‘can mice hurt pet birds?’ This took me by surprise because I’m not sure of a situation where both mice and

How to Keep a Mouse Cage from Smelling

One of the down sides to keeping mice is the odor that comes from their cage. But if you know how to keep a mouse cage from smelling and are willing to keep up with the cleaning, it doesn’t need to be a problem. There are two

10 Cute Pictures of Mice and Babies from Instagram

There are some incredibly cute mice pictures on Instagram. Especially of baby mice, and I just had to share some of them here. Enjoy. Baby Mice in Hay •found these babies when I was cleaning the mice out in college• A photo posted by Frances Baker (@fran31_x)

Do Mice Like Light

Mice are nocturnal creatures. If you have pet mice you will hear them running around while you are trying to sleep. Which is why you should always have their cage somewhere that will not disturb you. A lot of people want to know if mice like light

Yellow-Necked Mouse

Yellow-necked mice are a more uncommon species and you may not be familiar with them. They have a nice temperament, although they are wild and do not make good pets. They have a distinctive yellow patch of fur on their collars which gives them their name. You

Cute Mouse Names

Giving your pet mice a name that is cool, suits them, and everyone will think is fun and interesting is a hard thing to do. I have had loads of different names over the years for my mice, and always want a new name I have not

The Male Mouse

Male mice are the larger, less social, and slightly more difficult when compared to female mice. A male mouse still makes for a great pet, they are fun and interesting to keep and interact with. When keeping several mice in a cage you need to be aware of how many

Harvest Mice as Pets

If you live near fields you may have seen Harvest mice. They are cute little rodents and many wonder if they can keep harvest mice as pets. They are the smallest of British rodents. Fully grown they are between 5-7cm long and weigh around 4-5 grams. They

AquarLine San Marino Small Rodent Cage Review

When it comes to choosing a cage you need to weigh up your options. This cage is great for energetic little rodents, with tunnels for them to race around in and investigate. A couple of mice, gerbils, or degus will be very happy in this cage. It’s