Siamese Mice Information and Facts

Siamese Mice Information and Facts

Siamese mice are desirable as pets and show mice due to their attractive coat and cute looks. They are arguably the cutest of all the types of mice, well, maybe second to dumbo mice. They have red eyes, and their body color is a medium beige. Much like the color of Siamese cats.

When they have good form their bellies will have the same color and shading. Seal point Siamese have ‘seal point’ markings on their muzzles, ears, tails and feet. They should not have patchy fur, white hairs, or any other blemishes.

The interesting thing about Siamese is that they are acromelanistic, like their feline counterparts. This means that their color is affected by temperature while they are young. Their color will darken if they are in lower temperatures, while warmer climates will allow for lighter color mice.

Siamese Mice Genes and Breeding

Siamese mice, also known as Himalayan mice. First appeared as a mouse with the Himalayan gene, hence the name. They Himalayan gene was first identified the 1950’s. The first Siamese had red eyes, although now that is not always the case.

Breeders will breed Siamese with Siamese, choosing mice with good form and strong coloring. There are obviously endless variations depending on the other colors used, but this is how to keep a strict line.

Common issues to look out for include lighter or patchy areas. The feet in particular, or the underbelly are often patchy or stripy. Mice with these faults are usually not bred as they tend to carry on with their young.

Siamese Mice a Pets

Siamese mice are great pets. They are delicate little creatures, as are all mice. Along with being wonderful companions and providing endless entertainment and fun.

You should always buy mice from pet-mouse breeders. A lot of pet stores buy mice from rodent mills in bulk and are more likely to heave health problems. Also, the living conditions in pet stores is usually less healthy than a breeder and can result in issues.

Pet mice should be healthy, lively, and social. If mice are timid they may not have been socialized properly. This can make handling and taming them a lot more difficult and will reduce the quality of the relationship you build up with your mice.

Always be prepared if you are buying a mouse for the first time. You should have their living setup complete and ready for their arrival. Check my guide for keep their cage clean and smelling great too.

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