Dumbo Mice: Cute with Big Ears

Dumbo Mice Cute with Big Ears

Dumbo mice are probably the cutest mice you will ever see. They are called ‘Dumbo mice’ because they have large ears, just like Dumbo the elephant. This type of mouse are also called Gremlin mice sometimes, but this is not entirely accurate. Gremlin mice have one ear further down the side of their head, and their other ear in the normal place.

I have come across a few mice that are dumbo’s over the years and they always look super cute. They are very rare and I wouldn’t recommend searching them out for this very reason as it’s a genetic abnormality and considered as a ‘broken’.

Are Dumbo Mice Deformed?

Yes they are considered to be so as it’s not normal. The first mice with this condition started appearing in the pet trade and became of interest to the scientific community. As well as catching the eye of breeders due to their unusual and cute look of having those large ears.

Scientists have narrowed in on the genes that produce these abnormalities. There are some other by-product affects on their appearance too and sometimes they will suffer from other health conditions.

Do Dumbo Mice Make Good Pets?

Due to the aforementioned other health conditions that come with this type of mice they are not ideal pets. Breeders are breeding hundreds of mice and will often come across a few different types of ‘brokens’.

Breeders have mice with different color eyes. unusual marking’s, and abnormalities like one ear larger than the other, or two large ears. While they will offer these to you as pets sometimes I wouldn’t buy any. You cannot be sure of how they will grow and what kind of health issues they may have.

Are Dumbo Mice Similar to Dumbo Rats?

Dumbo rats are a lot more common than dumbo mice. They are bred specifically due to their gentle temperament and soft nature. They love the attention of humans and other rats and are very social. Making them a fun variation of the fancy rat for pet owners.

Dumbo rats are generally considered to not have any health defects due to the gene giving them those large, cute ears. They are fun pets, and if you’re looking for a rodent with this kind of large eared look maybe you should consider looking at rats instead.

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