What Do Mice Eat in the Woods?

What Do Mice Eat in the Woods

Are you wondering, ‘what do mice eat in the woods?’

There are a few different spices of mice you will find in the woods or woody areas, but typically you’ll find wood mice.

What Do Wood Mice Eat?

Wood mice eat a lot of the types of things they can find will rummaging around in the woods.

They will eat all kinds of seeds, buds from plants, berries, fungi, shoots, as well as insects, slugs, and worms.

Mice are omnivorous, this means they eat both meats and plants. So insects provide a nice snack, as well as a wide range of plant life as mentioned above.

This is one of the reasons why they are so adept at surviving in the wild and finding food wherever they are.

What Do Wood Mice Look Like?

There are a few distinguishing features that help you identify a wood mouse if you think you have seen one.

Look out for a nice sandy-brown coat of silky fur. Their ears and eyes are a little larger than a fancy mouse or a typical house mouse too.

Their undersides are white and they have a yellow streak running down their chests. They back feet are large, which helps them climb and grip onto trees and other obstacles in the wild.

Their bodies are around 8-10 cm in length, and they weigh as much as 30g when fully grown.

Some Other Wood Mice Facts:

  • Wood mice build tunnels in the ground to live in
  • They store food in their underground homes
  • They group together in winter to share warmth and improve their survival chances
  • Female wood mice typically have around four litters a year
  • Wood mice are very nimble, have great balance, and can climb and jump around in trees to escape prey

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