The Female Mouse

Female Mouse

When keeping mice as pets there are different rules to follow with female mice, and male mice. How many you have of each sex changes the dynamic of the cage, how much fighting there may be, and the care you need to provide.

In this article I will cover some of the basic rules to follow to ensure your mice are safe, happy, and living together in harmony.

Can Female Mice Live Together Happily?

Absolutely. Female mice loving having companions and are much more social than their male counterparts. You should always have more than one female mouse in a cage, they get lonely if they are on their own.

If you find there is an issue between two female mice, sure they need to be separated. But this is extremely rare. In fact, I have never had female mice that would not live together so I wouldn’t expect this to happen.

Ideally you will have 3 or more female together if there is plenty of room in their cage. This should keep them interested and active enough not to be affected by depression that lonely mice suffer with.

If the other mice die and leaves one lone female it’s not uncommon for that mouse to become very depressed and die.

How to Introduce More Female Mice to a Cage

More often than not you would expect introducing a new female mouse to other females will go fine. But if there are some problems with fighting it does not mean you can’t get them to share the same space happily.

You may have to separate them for a day or two at first. Using cages near to each other so they can get used to the scent of each other. After a couple of days try to introduce them again, I think it will go a lot better this time.

Each and every mouse has their own personalities and temperament. Some of this is cultivated through their upbringing, but a lot of it is just natural personality. If it takes a little longer for them to get along, one or both of them might just be a little stubborn.

Can You House Female and Mice Mice without Them Having Babies?

This is only possible if the male has been neutered. I have lost count of the amount of times I have heard someone say that the thought it would be ok. It’s never ok unless you want them to reproduce, which they will do.

Don’t assume that your mice are too old, or will not want to breed. This are not thing within your control,and you will have a litter of pups before you know it. It’s just too large a risk to take that kind of gamble on.

Other concern is that if you are not aware of your mice being pregnant they can have a little without you knowing. Bucks can become aggressive after the birth of a littler and harm can come to the new babies or the mother.

If you leave your female mice to it and they have litters in quick succession these can cause health problems for them and the new baby mice. So please, unless you are breeding with intention and know what you’re doing. Keep female and male mice separate.

What Are Female Mice Like to Handle?

Female mice are a lot more social that male mice. You are much more likely to have them come to your hand and be handled. They are also a lot more curious by nature though and less likely to sit with you without running off.

You should always read about how to carefully handle mice as they are fragile little creatures. But once you are comfortable doing so, the more you handle them the more tame they will become over time. Especially if you start at a young age.

Females are definitely easier than males and recommended for new owners. They are fun to watch running around their cages, and make great companions.

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