Do Dryer Sheets Work to Keep Mice Away?

Do Dryer Sheets Work to Keep Mice Away

If you’re looking for methods to repel mice using household items instead of calling in a pest controller you may have heard about various products that are supposed to work.

I’ve heard of people using peppermint oil (which works great), ginger, baking soda, cayenne pepper, and even dryer sheets.

So, do dryer sheets work to keep mice away?

No, they don’t work well at all.

Mice don’t like the fresh scent of dryer sheets, this is true. Which is why some people have had success using dryer sheets, but it’s not a very reliable method of repelling mice.

They don’t tend to have a strong enough, or long-lasting scent to keep mice away reliably for a long period.

Plus, mice are curious creates and will often keep returning until the can tolerate the smell, or are just stubborn enough to push through it.

Another thing to consider is – where do you think the mice are going when they turn away from the area with the dryer sheets?

Probably not very far away, so you’re just pushing the problem to another area in or near your home that you’re going to need to deal with.

If you want to use a scent to repel mice I recommend peppermint. This is known to work, I’ve used it myself, and it’s a very effective solution with a nice scent for us.

If you have a serious mouse problem, or even an infestation then you’re going to need to use traps or call in a professional pest control team.

So, unfortunately, the bottom line is that dryer sheets do not work well at repelling mice or keeping them away from certain areas.

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