Do Mice Avoid Traps? (How Mice Outsmart Some Traps)

Do Mice Avoid Traps

Do mice avoid traps you’ve left and have you scratching your head as to why?

Do you have a mouse infestation problem in your home and want to know more effective ways to catch them?

I can explain why some mice are able to avoid traps, what you’re doing wrong, and how you can be the one outsmarting them!

Why Do Mice Avoid Traps?

I’m sure you’ve seen mice traps on TV working every time. Whether this is being depicted on a show or the company selling the traps.

The reality is that traps rarely work the first time, or at all for some people.

There are a couple of things you need to understand about mice – they are smart, and they are good at recognizing threats.

Mice will not see a trap and know exactly what it is. They will however be able to smell human presence, sense danger, and approach with caution.

This is why you rarely catch a mouse brazenly walking across a room. They sneak around near walls, avoid light, and avoid you.

Why Snapping Traps and Glue Boards Are Inhumane

Why Snapping Traps and Glue Boards Are Inhumane

If you’re reading this blog you will know that I keep pet mice and love these little animals.

I do however also appreciate that if they are getting into your home you need to stop them.

I have to reinforce that snap traps and glue boards are inhumane and I don’t agree with using them.

There are humane traps available to use as an alternative, and these work just as well so you might as well use them.

How to Outsmart Mice and Catch Them More Often

So I’ve covered some of the reason why mice are able to avoid traps, and you’re not going to use any of the inhumane traps – so what can you do to increase your chances of catching mice in your home?

There are a few common mistakes people make, here’s how to be smarter than a mouse:

  1. Don’t put the traps out in the middle of a room where you can see them, mice can also see them and don’t like to travel across the middle of a room anyway.
  2. Wear gloves when handling traps. Remember I said that mice have a keen sense of smell and anything that smells of humans will put them off.
  3. Adds some of the foods mice are attracted too. Don’t use cheese, this is a myth for the most part. Try some peanut butter to start with.

Final Thoughts

I’ve never heard of a mouse infestation that wasn’t able to be resolved, so if you’re stressing out thinking it’s impossible, don’t.

It often takes some patience and a little trial and error leaving traps in different places and trying different treats to lure the mice in, that’s all.

Mice are crafty creatures, and they will avoid traps if you’re not being smart about how you’re laying them.

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