Do Mice and Hamsters Get Along?

Do Mice and Hamsters Get Along

Do mice and hamsters get along and can they coexist in the same cage? – No, absolutely not!

If you’re planning on cutting corners and trying to house hamsters and mice in the same cage or tank then stop right now. Don’t do it.

Mice and hamsters do not get along and will not live together happily. They will almost certainly fight, and one of them will be killed by the other.

Do Mice and Hamsters Get Along: How Are They Different?

While mice and hamsters are both rodents, the similarities don’t go much further than this.

They are very different socially and have much different needs. There are several breeds of hamster commonly kept as pets, and each has their own personalities and differences.

However, most hamsters are very territorial and often will not get along with another hamster, and certainly not a mouse.

While pet mice need company. Mice can get very lonely and even depressed if they are living on their own (who can blame them!).

This isn’t to say that mice will not fight from time-to-time. I’ve covered male aggression and pet mice fighting before, but with the right balance, care and attention, mice are much happier in numbers.

So, to answer any questions regarding how or if you can house mice and hamsters together. No, you should never put these two species of rodent together.

Some Other Commonly Asked Questions About Mice and Hamsters

Can Hamsters and Mice Breed?

No. Mice and hamsters are two different types of genuses and cannot breed. It’s similar to asking if a cat and dog can breed with each other.

Can a Mouse Get into a Hamster Cage?

This depends on how wide the bars are on your hamster cage. But, typically all rodent cages have bars close enough to keep mice in, so they would also prevent mice from getting in or out.

It’s not something you should worry about if you think you have wild mice coming into your home overnight. They will not want to get into your hamster cage and it’s very unlikely they can.

Do Hamsters Attract Mice?

Hamsters do not attract mice or any other rodents. Just because hamsters are rodents, it doesn’t mean they attract, communicate with, or want to be involved with any other rodents.

Different species of rodents do not typically get along. They are more likely to repel other rodents than attract them.

Their food, bedding, and poop, on the other hand, may attract hungry mice on the prowl for food. But if it’s inside their cage there isn’t much of a chance they can steal any.

Are Hamsters of Mice Easier Pets?

I get asked about which rodents are easier or better pets quite a lot. Obviously, my preference is mice. But there are some differences and I can give you an unbiased view vs keeping hamsters.

I think hamsters are better for younger children to be honest. They are better for children to handle, a little bigger, and because hamsters are happy living on their own there is less work involved.

Mice are awesome too of course. But there is more cleaning involved as there are more of them, and I don’t think they are as fun to handle for kids.

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