What Do Baby Mice Look Like? (Pictures of Newborns and Babies)

How To Hold a Pet Mouse

Want to see pictures of baby mice?

Maybe you think you’ve found a baby mouse and want to identify it.

Or maybe you just want to look at cute pics of baby mice – either way, you’ve come to the right page.

Mice grow up so fast that most people don’t get to see them as babies unless they are breeding them.

So, what do baby mice look like when they are born? When they are a few days old, or even a few weeks old?

Here are some awesome (and really cute) pictures from Instagram showing you what mice look like when they are newborns and babies.

Pictures of Newborn Baby Mice

Newborn mice are so cute. Well, at least I think so, I know some people disagree.

They are pink, don’t open their eyes for a couple of weeks, and look kind of strange without any fur.

2-3 Day Old Wild Mice

11 Days Old Baby Mouse Next to A Newborn

An example of how fast baby mice grow and change. Here is a mouse that’s only 11 days old next to a newborn, look at the difference!

12 Days Old Baby Mice

At just 12 days old mice start to open their eyes and look more like mice as we know them!

2 Weeks Old Baby Mouse

After just a mere two weeks mice are now almost-fully functioning little creatures. With proper handling and care, they will grow up to be social, friendly, lovable pets.

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