What Is the Best Thing to Feed Wild Mice?

What Is the Best Thing to Feed Wild Mice

I don’t recommend catching and trying to tame wild mice, but if you’re trying to help mice by giving them a little extra food there’s nothing wrong with that.

So, what is the best thing to feed wild mice?

This is an easy one because they will eat almost anything they can find – as you may have already found out if they’ve been in your house!

They are love eating cereals, crumbs from the food you’ve been eating, and bits of fruit in particular.

If you’re eating a banana or an apple for instance, there will be a lot left on the core of peel you’re going to throw out that a mouse would love to get their hands on.

It’s important to remember that wild mice have very different diets from fancy mice that we keep as pets.

They are much more tolerant to a wider range of foods and are much more adept at surviving by finding scraps to feed on.

I wouldn’t approach wild mice and try to feed them by hand. There is a risk, albeit a small risk that wild mice carry disease, and because they are not tame they will be scared of you and may bite.

Just leave the scraps somewhere you know they travel and they’ll pick it up. If you’re trying to stop them nibbling on stuff in your home, try leaving the food outside and see if this deters them from coming in and chewing a hole in your cereal box or whatever they are doing.

Start securing foods they are attracted to into plastic containers and places they can’t reach too if it’s a problem.

Don’t forget, mice are great at climbing. They can even climb walls and some surfaces that allow them a little grip.

So there you have it. Wild mice eat almost any scraps you’re willing to throw away. You can use this to try and keep them away from stealing food in your home, help them out, and interact with these fascinating little creatures in the wild.

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