What Are Pet Mice Allergic To?

There are quite a few substances that mice are allergic to. You are probably wondering what are pet mice allergic to if you are experiencing health problems with your mice. I am not recommending any of these substances to help keep wild mice out of your house, that’s not the intention.

This post is to help those with pet mice that are suffering. A mouses health can deteriorate quickly if they are surrounded by something they are allergic too. So if you think your mouse is having a reaction, check through these things to see if you can change something.

What Are Pet Mice Allergic To?

Allergic Reactions to Food

One of the main causes for hair loss with pet mice is food allergies. Peanuts, wheat and sunflower seeds are usually the cause. This may come as a surprise to you as these are all readily available foods, often included in food mixes.

But just like humans, mice can be allergic to anything. So if your mouse is losing hair and looking patchy, remove these foods from their diet if they eat them. In severe cases, blood can appear from the ears, you may have chalked this up to fighting, but it’s likely the allergic reaction. What Are Pet Mice Allergic To

A suggestion to test the foods for allergies, and a way to track this is to give your mouse a special diet. A diet of rice is recommended, this is because mice like rice, they can get all the nutrition they need for a week or so easily, and an allergic reaction to rice is all but unheard of.

You can add some vitamin supplements to their water if the mouse looks weak and you are concerned about their health. But otherwise, keep the mouse on rice for a few days and monitor them.

It will become obvious pretty quickly if the seeds were the problem previously. The health of the mouse will improve.

Allergic Reactions to Bedding

Bedding can often be the cause of an allergic reaction. It can cause skin irritations, inflammations, hair loss, breathing difficulties, and bleeding from the nose, ears, and mouth.

Obviously any particular mouse can be allergic to any bedding. But don’t let that scare you, there are a few bedding types to avoid. The rest you should be fine with, more often than not.

Wood bedding has the most chance of being problematic, this can cause breathing problems for mice. If you are using wood bedding remove it immediately and replace it with shredded paper. Using plain shredded paper is the safest type of bedding.

While it may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, or comfortable to the mice, it is safe and will not cause any allergic reaction. If the health issues clear up within a week or two, you know that the bedding was the problem.

Allergic Reactions to Location

Mice are tiny little creatures, and they have small organs that can be affected greatly by sprays and perfumes we use. So think about where their cage is, and what you may be exposing them too.

Don’t spray aerosols near their cage, this means; cleaning fluids, deodorants, hair spray, air fresheners, and much more. Think about it, if you are spraying anything you need to make sure mice are not breathing it in.

Mouse with allergic reactions

I hope this helps clear up some of the ideas you had about what/if your mice are allergic to. If you have experienced health problems with your mice, consider what are pet mice allergic to, and make some changes.

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