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Field Mice vs House Mice

There are many different types of mice in the UK. Only a few are seen as an annoyance, and that’s only when they are getting into your home unwanted. This article looks at field mice vs house mice, two of the main culprits for entering buildings. As

Yellow-Necked Mouse

Yellow-necked mice are a more uncommon species and you may not be familiar with them. They have a nice temperament, although they are wild and do not make good pets. They have a distinctive yellow patch of fur on their collars which gives them their name. You

Zebra Mouse

Zebra mice, also known as African Striped Grass mice, are brown in color and have black stripes running from their heads to tails. Hence being coined the name ‘zebra’. They can be kept in captivity and are pets in some countries. Being native to Africa and not

The Hairless Mouse

If you have ever seen a Hairless mouse (also known as a nude mouse) it’s an interesting sight. The first thing most people think about mice is how cute and soft they are. Having no fur is startling at first, but this breed of mouse is something

Fancy Mice Colors

When most people think of a mouse they see a cute little light brown creature. Or maybe they think of the white mouse with red eyes more commonly depicted on TV. When in reality there are a wide range of colors and types of mice. The fancy

Harvest Mice as Pets

If you live near fields you may have seen Harvest mice. They are cute little rodents and many wonder if they can keep harvest mice as pets. They are the smallest of British rodents. Fully grown they are between 5-7cm long and weigh around 4-5 grams. They

What Is a Fancy Mouse

A few years ago I too was asking people, “what is a fancy mouse?”. It sounded like a type of mouse that was, well, fancy. Fancy meaning something that is special, kind of unique and better than others. In fact the term fancy mouse is used for

Different Types of Mice

There are many different types of mice, although you will only own fancy mice at pets it is still interesting to know about other types. Typically you will only ever see fancy mice, or common house mice for sale in classified ads, in pet stores, and from