Fancy Mice Colors

When most people think of a mouse they see a cute little light brown creature. Or maybe they think of the white mouse with red eyes more commonly depicted on TV.

When in reality there are a wide range of colors and types of mice. The fancy mice breeding circles have created some wonderful colors and coat types.

Fancy mice colors can be all one color over their body. Have one color on their backs, and other color on their tummies. Have a range of different markings and colors over their body, and even have silky and shiny coats.

There are various names to describe the different colors, breeds and types of fancy mice. I will do my best to cover all you need to know in this article.

Types of color are covered with;

Self Mice – Meaning the same color all over.

Tan Mice – Meaning all one color with a tan color underbelly.

Marked Mice – Meaning mice with different colors.

Colors of Self Mice

Black – A completely black mouse with all black fur and black eyes.

White Fancy Mice ColorWhite – A nice bright white color with pink or black eyes.





Chocolate Fancy Mice ColorChocolate – A nice chocolatey brown color.




Fawn – These are ginger looking mice. They always have pink eyes and their coats are usually shiny and smooth.

Blue – Although called ‘blue’ the color looks more like a grey. They typically have black eyes.

Dove – A lighter shade of grey than the blue fancy mice. They have pink eyes.

Champagne – Another general word to describe this color of mouse. It’s more of a golden type of color and they also have pink eyes.

Lilac – Another variation of grey, but lilac mice have more of a pink tinge to their color.

Colors of Tan Mice

I will not repeat all the same colors as above. Basically tan mice come in all the same colors as self mice, but all have a tan area on their underbelly.

Black Tan Fancy Mice Colors

Colors of Marked Mice

There are four commonly known marked mice colors. They are the;

Dutch – This is a white mouse with a different color path over its eyes and on its tail. The word ‘Dutch’ was coined to cover most mice with these markings and other similar markings. It’s an easy way to identify this type of mouse.

Broken Marked – This is a term giving to mice with any color and eye color combination. This covers most mice that are kept as pets and not used to show.

Variegated – Think of a mouse that has had color splattered over it randomly. This is a variegated mouse.

Hereford – This is a name given to describe mice with white faces and any other color over the rest of their bodies.

Other Varieties of Fancy Mice

Agouti Fancy Mice ColorAgouti – Black eyes and rich brown or golden in color. The belly needs to be golden brown and the feet should match the body in color.


Silver Agouti – Black eyes and similar to the Agouti. With the difference of having grey as opposed to golden brown coloring.

Sable – Black eyes with a rich brown color top. They have rich golden tan color underbellies, and no white hair at all.

Cinnamon – Black eyes and a rich golden tan all over. Wonderful looking mice, the name cinnamon does them justice.

Argente – Pink eyes and with a light shade of silver and fawn split over their coats. The underbelly is golden fawn.

Silver Fox – Black eyes and black, lilac, blue or chocolate in color. A distinctive looking mouse, with a white underbelly.

Siamese – Cream coloSiamese Fancy Mice Colorr with red eyes. Their tails and noses have a shading that blends into their bodies.




With all these wonderful and interesting fancy mice colors you can find the color you want if you contact breeders.

Most of these are bred as show mice. The majority of mice kept as pets have random coloring and different markings.

These are known generally as any other variety (AOV). If you have a particular color mouse you would like to share a picture of feel free to send it to me.

I can help you identify if it falls under one of the specific categories in the lists above.


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