How Bad Do Pet Mice Smell

How Bad Do Pet Mice Smell

Mice make great pets for both adults and children. They do require some maintenance however as you would expect from a pet. if you don’t keep on top of cleaning out their cage they can start to smell. Mice do smell worse than other small pets and rodents like hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs.

Keeping Mice Cages Clean

You have to clean out mice once a week on average to keep on top of the smells and odor. This means replacing all the bedding, washing down the accessories and toys in the cage and cleaning out their food bowls. Warm water and cloths should be enough. Cleaning products are often too abrasive and carry too many chemicals that may be harmful to the mice.

Males and Marking Territory

Male mice mark their territory with urine and have much stronger odors than female mice. This is the main reason why most people prefer to keep female mice as pets. Cleaning out the cage too often is also a problem that will cause a stronger odor as it just makes the male mice mark more often.

You need to find a balance of cleaning their cage once a week just as it starts to smell. Keeping certain items in the cage with their scent on to try and lessen the amount of marking the mice will do. They need to feel comfortable in their cage and smell their own scent. Smelling the male mice is a by-product of keeping mice and unavoidable completely.

How Bad Do Pet Mice Smell?

Pet mice do not smell too bad. As discussed the males smell a lot worse than the females. The strength of the smell is also dependent on how clean you are keeping their cage and where you are keeping them. if you keep the cage in a small enclosed room and don’t clean nit often it’s going to be incredibly smelly.

On the other hand, how bad do pet mice smell when you keep their cage cleaned routinely, keep therm in a fresh room with plenty of airflow, and have air fresheners – not much at all. Mice are common pets and the smell is not a deal breaker for almost everyone. Do your part to keep them clean, and the mice will do their part to bring you fun and entertainment.

Does Mice Food Smell?

There are no mice foods I know of that smell. The gain mixes that come prepacked to not smell. Not to the point that you can smell them, even when they are left out. If you put perishable foods in their cages like fruit and vegetables and allow them to rot it may produce an odor.

But for the most part there are no foods that smell. It’s always the mice droppings, marking, and urine that you will smell coming from the cage. How bad do pet mice smell will come down to all of the above care and attention.

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