Gremlin Mice: What Makes Them Gremlins

Gremlin Mice

If you have heard the term gremlin mice used, it’s not a reference to the movie The Gremlins. It’s a reference to an abnormality that results in the mouse having one ear lower on the side of their head than the other.

They will typically have one ear in the correct place. While the other will by quite obviously out of place.
Gremlin mice are not to be confused with dumbo mice. Dumbo mice have an abnormality that results in the mouse having two large ears. So while gremlin’s are looked at as odd looking, dumbo’s are seen more so as cute little big eared mice.

Do Gremlin Mice Make Good Pets?

You should not be keeping gremlin mice as pets. They have a serious abnormality, and as sad as it sounds breeders will usually cull them along with all the other abnormal or deformed mice. If you have one as a result of breeding it’s up to you what you do but they will not typically live as long as healthy mice and will have other abnormalities.

Mouse Breeding and Genotyping

Genotyping results in different genes and mouse abnormalities. Genotyping is the process of examining DNA and separating genes and using them to change the genetic make-up of an animal.

Genotyping is an important part of scientific research and is responsible or finding cures to diseases and changing bacteria’s, Regardless of our own personal thoughts about the use of laboratory mice. These processes have helped medical and scientific advancements.

Mouse Breeding Colony Management

Laboratory mice provide an important role in bio-medical research and development. Gene-targeting and manipulation of gene strains is done to modify the DNA make up of mice for study and research purposes.

This results is all kinds of abnormalities and different looking mice. The GREM1 gene is responsible for the abnormality resulting in the lop-sided ears that make the gremlin mouse.

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