Do Mice Hibernate

If you’re wondering, do mice hibernate. The answer is no, at least for most types of mice. Particularly fancy mice, and wood mice. The two common types of mouse that you’re likely to come across.

Some rodents are known to hibernate. But domestic mice will not hibernate during the colder months. During severe cold seasons, they can fall into a stage known as a torpor.

This means they decrease in activity and physiological activity. Becoming very docile, sleeping near some food supplies they have built up, and being more active overnight.

Do mice hibernate

Do Mice Hibernate During Winter?

Dormice do hibernate. They can hibernate for up to six months of the year, in some extreme circumstances even longer. This happens when the weather does not warm quickly enough and the season isn’t changing.

They fatten up during the summer period, so they have the necessary nutrition to carry them through a long hibernation period. If not they will feed during the hibernation period, usually on food they have stored up near by.

What is Hibernation?

Hibernation is a period of inactivity when an animal goes into a metabolic depression. Their body temperatures lower, their heart rates and breathing slows down, and the metabolic rate will lower.

Animals hibernate because it can be difficult to find enough food during the winter. By hibernating during winter they are saving energy and surviving on much less food stores.

Some animals go into a very deep sleep, and look dead. They can be difficult to wake before they are ready, and it takes to time to rouse them. Others will wake up if they get too cold, allowing themselves to warm up a little.

Why Don’t Mice Hibernate?

It is their ability to withstand the cold temperatures that allows them to be awake over the winter months instead of hibernating. Mice are great and finding food, regardless of the weather.

This keeps them active and awake. A fresh supply of food and water will keep them healthy and on a nocturnal schedule.

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