What Can Pet Mice Eat

What Can Pet Mice Eat

There is often a bit of a misconception about what is and isn’t safe for per mice to eat. It’s not difficult however. What can pet mice eat that’s healthy and safe? I will be covering some popular foods and treats.

Mice love fruit and vegetables which often comes as a surprise. These should be fed in moderation and as treats. But mice will happily eat up scraps and bits of fruit and vegetables you give to them.

You should avoid feeding them too much grain and seeds as they can be high in sugars and fat. Mice are guilty of overeating and can become sick through being overweight and eating too much sugary food.

Can Pet Mice Eat Strawberries

Yes. Remove the top of the stalk from the strawberry and give them a wash. Slightly softer strawberries are better, and you can help by cutting them up. These should be used as occasional treats and in moderation.

Can Pet Mice Eat Bananas

Yes. Mice enjoy eating bits of banana and if you cut them into pieces of slices you will see them holding on and having a nibble. This is always fun to watch. Bananas are find as an occasional treat, its easy to break a little off if you’re eating one.

Can Pet Mice Eat Blackberries

Yes. Blackberries are fine. The good thing about blackberries for a lot of people is that they grow wild and freely. Mice will eat them if they come across them in the wild, so don’t be afraid to pick some and feed them to your mice.

Can Pet Mice Eat Blueberries

Yes. Blueberries are full of good nutrition and are the perfect size for mice to hold and carry around. A few blueberries as a treat will be well received and you can feed this to them.

Can Pet Mice Eat Carrots

Yes. Pet mice love eating carrots. I eat a lot of carrots myself and usually drop some little bite size chunks in to their cage as a treat once a week or so. They never last very long, that’s for sure.

Can Pet Mice Eat Grapes

No! Grapes are poisonous to mice and will cause them to be very sick, or worse it can be fatal. They will still eat them given the chance, so don’t give them the chance. Never attempt to feed them grapes, grape skin or anything else to do with grapes.

Can Pet Mice Eat Cheese

No. Although there is an obvious connection between mice and cheese portrayed on TV, in adverts, cartoons etc. It’s not a suitable part of their diet and I do not recommend giving them cheese. This does come as a surprise to most, but it’s definitely not a good idea.

Can Pet Mice Eat Alfalfa Hay

Yes. It’s not recommended as a source of food but mice will eat some when it’s in their cage. They will mostly use it to gnaw on and shred, but don’t worry if they eat some.

Can Pet Mice Eat Lettuce

No. This is another food that I strongly recommend you do not give to your mice. Lettuce has a tendency to cause stomach upsets and diarrhea. It’s not pleasant and is potentially very dangerous.

Can Pet Mice Eat Almonds

Maybe. Some nuts do not agree with mice, and too much in their diets is a bad thing. For acting on the side of caution I would recommend not giving them almonds, but they are not poisonous to mice.

Can Pet Mice Eat Apples

Yes. Mice do eat pieces of apple and enjoy this as a treat. Never give them the core or seeds through as they contain traces of harmful chemicals. These parts of the apple are potentially harmful to mice, I recommend cutting some small pieces of the main part of the apple for them.

This article should have given you more than enough information regarding what can pet mice eat as well as their normal diet. Always put safety first, if you are in doubt of anything don’t try it.

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