Long Haired Mouse Information and Facts

Long Haired Mouse Information and Facts

The long haired mouse is popular at mice shows and with pet mice owners. They are really cute, and it’s interesting to see a mouse with long fur. We always expect to see mice with short fur, so seeing a long furred one turns heads for sure.

Good examples of long haired mice have thick, fluffy, silky looking coats. They have thicker fur around their rumps and sometimes look like manes of fur. They typically keep their coats as they age. Unlike some types of mice that change in appearance with age.

With good care and looking after they retain all their vibrant shine as they grow older and make for wonderful pets. They do require more maintenance than your standard mice however, this is something to be aware of before owning them.

Often a nice looking young mouse with wonderfully fluffy fur will deteriorate without the proper care and attention. Their fur can moult and fall out, and there can also be issues with fur clumping.
Personally I think they are well worth the effort and they make wonderful pets.

The Long Haired Mouse Genetics and Breeding

Breeders are able to produce long haired mice by breeding the best long haired mice with each other. Long fur is recessive to short fur, so having good examples of long fur mice is important to the process.

It’s not too difficult for experienced breeders to breed more long fur mice. So they are not particularly rare. It’s the quality of the mouse and coat that makes all the difference.

There are two aspects to their coats. The undercoat of hair, and the overcoat. It’s the undercoat that is harder to get fluffy and full in appearance, and this is what you should look closely at when viewing mice.

Good examples should have a fluffy and full coat. The more dense the fur, the more vibrant the appearance of the mouse. These mice will also have their coats lasting longer and they are.

Long Haired Mice as Pets

As mentioned in the opening, long haired mice are no different to most longer furred pets. They require more care and attention to keep them healthy and looking their best.

You don’t need to groom them like a larger rodent. But you will need to help keep their coats clean and tidy up and fur that is collecting in their cages.

As with all mice they make great pets. If you tame them from an early age you can handle them and give them stokes, which they will enjoy. Feeding mice treats and spending time either handling them, or watching them in their cages is fun.

If you want to keep a long haired mouse, or mice as pets. Check out breeders in your area and see if there any available. I never recommend buying from pets stores, there just isn’t the care and quality that you get with a good breeder.

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