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Pet Mouse Health Problems

Pet mice, or fancy mice as you may call them, are pretty healthy animals generally speaking. Most owners will never come across any pet mouse health problems, and there won’t be expensive trips to the vets. A couple of huge pro points when it comes to choosing

What Can Pet Mice Eat? (Different Foods to Try)

There is often a bit of a misconception about what is and isn’t safe for per mice to eat. It’s not difficult however. What can pet mice eat that’s healthy and safe? I will be covering some popular foods and treats. Mice love fruit and vegetables, which often

How Much Space Does a Mouse Need

This is a question a lot of mice owners ask – how much space does a mouse need? The short and simple answer is, as much as possible. The more space the better. But there are some guidelines to follow to ensure you mice have enough space

Do Mice Hibernate

If you’re wondering, do mice hibernate. The answer is no, at least for most types of mice. Particularly fancy mice, and wood mice. The two common types of mouse that you’re likely to come across. Some rodents are known to hibernate. But domestic mice will not hibernate

What Are Pet Mice Allergic To?

There are quite a few substances that mice are allergic to. You are probably wondering what are pet mice allergic to if you are experiencing health problems with your mice. I am not recommending any of these substances to help keep wild mice out of your house,

Do Mice Teeth Keep Growing?

People are more commonly aware that rats teeth continue to grow, and we have all probably heard stories about long teeth being a problem. Well, do mice teeth keep growing too? Yes, they do. Mice have 16 teeth in total, and unlike us they do not have