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Do Mice Have Fleas

Do mice have fleas? A lot of new mouse owners want to know if mice carry fleas. As well as property owners who are having issues with mice entering their home. If you have several different types of pet in your home, fleas do need to be

When Do Mice Go to Sleep

Mice are nocturnal animals, which means they sleep during the day. So when do  mice go to sleep, well seeing as they are active at night they sleep during the day. This is why homeowners struggle to see them when they know they have mice coming in

How Expensive Are Pet Mice

If you have decided to adopt and keep pet mice it’s sensible to find out how expensive pet mice are to keep. You need to make sure they are well within your budget and you will not have any problems giving them everything they need to keep

How Bad Do Pet Mice Smell

Mice make great pets for both adults and children. They do require some maintenance however as you would expect from a pet. if you don’t keep on top of cleaning out their cage they can start to smell. Mice do smell worse than other small pets and

What Materials Can Mice Not Chew Through

Having mice coming into your home can be incredibly frustrating and can cause damage to your property. But what materials can mice not chew through? Mice are notoriously hard to catch and can often go months without being caught. Dodging traps, stealing food, causing damage by chewing

When Do Baby Mice Open Their Eyes

Have you found an abandoned mouse in need of adopting, or have your pet mice just had offspring? Caring for pups yourself or watching a mother mouse care for their newborns is a fascinating and interesting process. It can be daunting watching a new born mice and

Zebra Mouse

Zebra mice, also known as African Striped Grass mice, are brown in color and have black stripes running from their heads to tails. Hence being coined the name ‘zebra’. They can be kept in captivity and are pets in some countries. Being native to Africa and not

Cute Mouse Names

Giving your pet mice a name that is cool, suits them, and everyone will think is fun and interesting is a hard thing to do. I have had loads of different names over the years for my mice, and always want a new name I have not

The Female Mouse

When keeping mice as pets there are different rules to follow with female mice, and male mice. How many you have of each sex changes the dynamic of the cage, how much fighting there may be, and the care you need to provide. In this article I

Can Mice Climb into Beds

  Although I keep mice as pets and have a lot of love for the little creatures. The first thing many people ask me is ‘can mice climb into beds’? It’s a concern for many that they will have a mouse climbing up on to their bed