Signs of Mice in Bedroom

Signs of Mice in Bedroom

If you’re worried you have mice getting into your bedroom you need to know the signs of mice in bedroom to look out for.

Mice are nocturnal creatures, so they will often be active while you’re sleeping. This means you will rarely see them, but they leave plenty of signs behind to look out for.

You can also look for the signs around the rest of your home as mice can easily climb stairs, and even onto beds.

So if they are getting in anywhere in your home, they may end up finding their way into your bedroom while you’re sleeping – not a nice thought, is it!

6 Signs of Mice in Bedroom


I’ve covered how to identify mice droppings before, as well as how to clean them up safely.

Mice leave a lot of droppings behind. It’s not a nice thing to find, but it’s one of the best indications that you have a rodent problem.

You will be able to get an idea of how many mice are coming into your bedroom. How often, and where they are spending most of their time.

See if there is something near where most of the droppings are that seems to be attracting them there.

Chewing and Gnawing

It’s surprising just how many household things mice can chew through. Even some stuff that you thought might have been indestructible.

They will chew through things that are obstructing their paths. So they might be some evidence under a door if they needed to burrow through.

Or in tight spaces like behind a bedside dresser. Wires seem to attract mice too, so check any wires for signs of being gnawed on.

Urine Smell

There is no mistaking the smell of mouse urine once you’ve smelled it. It’s a strong ammonia smell, and they will usually be evidence of this if they have been in your home.

Mice like to mark the areas they have been in, especially areas they travel often as they leave their scent there to deter other mice.


I’m sure there aren’t enough nesting materials laying around in your bedroom for mice to get this comfortable, but something to look out for in general in any evidence of mice gathering stuff to make a nest.

This is more likely if it’s cold outside. Mice like to keep warm and will move inside your home if they feel safe and it’s much warmer for them.

Marks and Dirt

Sometimes you are just as likely to notice dirt marks left behind by mice as you are droppings.

It’s not like mice will wipe their feet on the mat when they enter your home. They will leave footprints, bits of mud and dirt in their tracks.

They will often also leave smudges on the walls as they tend to keep tight against walls when moving.

If you strongly suspect they are taking certain routes try putting a little talc powder down and see if little footprints are evident the next day.

Bits of Food

Mice are messy eaters and sometimes following the breadcrumb trail will lead you to where they are getting into your home, room, or where they are getting their food.

Make sure your vacuum and sweep a little more regularly if you think you have mice. Any new dirt and food debris will be a lot more evident.

Don't Sleep in Fear of Mice

Don’t Sleep in Fear of Mice

There you go, 6 easy ways to tell if you have mice in your home and where they are spending their time.

Don’t sleep in fear that mice are crawling all around while you’re fast asleep. If you see any of the signs above do something about it asap.

For professional pest removing companies, it’s quick and easy for them to completely remove and stop all mice getting into your home.

You can even do it yourself with a few humane traps in the right place.

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